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West Brunswick High School Footballer Johnnie Magbie Death: How Did He Die?

West Brunswick High School Footballer Johnnie Magbie Death: How Did He Die?

The tragic death of Johnnie Magbie has left his family and friends devasted. Learn more about who the footballer was.

Johnnie Magbie Jr. was a senior at West Brunswick High School and an aspiring footballer. 

He was a part of the West Brunswick High School Trojans and was once considered among the High School Standout Performers.

The young footballer had a bright personality, selflessness and was loved by his family, friends, and teammates. 

Unfortunately, on May 10, 2021, a boating accident cost him his life. 

Johnnie Magbie Death

Johnnie Magbie died after he tried to save his elder brother, Ahykeem Jones after he fell in the water.

The footballer was in a boating trip with his family when his elder brother fell from the boat. 

Johnnie tried to save his brother but neither of them resurfaced and their bodies were found later on Monday afternoon. 

The two brothers died of asphyxiation caused due to drowning

Johnnie Magbie was just 19 years of age while his brother was 28 years old. 

Johnnie Magbie Parents

There has been no information about Johnnie Magbie’s parents. 

The grieving family has not come out in the public and they do deserve every bit of privacy. 

The young footballer, his parents, and his family were out for a boating trip when this unimaginable tragedy occurred. 

As of now, Johnnie Magbie’s family has not released an obituary nor any details of the funeral. 

Johnnie Magbie: West Busknick High School

Johnnie Magbie’s team and fans are mourning his death and sending their support to the family.

His WBHS Trojan’s coach, Brett Hickman sent his condolences to the grieving family and talked about the footballer fondly. 

He revealed that Johnnie was a really bright boy who would lift the spirits of everyone and he would always do anything for the team. 

The coach stated that he was an integral part of the team as anyone else and was like a family to him. 

Coach Hickman’s son and Johnnie were said to be really close. 

Likewise, West Busknick High School principal, Jonathan Pascal also mourned for the young footballer. 

He stated that Johnnie had an infectious smile and a really strong character.

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