What Did A6D Do To Skeppy? What Happened Between Skeppy and a6d: Drama Explained

What Did A6D Do To Skeppy? What Happened Between Skeppy and a6d: Drama Explained

What Did A6D Do To Skeppy? What Happened Between Skeppy and a6d: Drama Explained

A6D and Skeppy are YouTube personalities and right now, their rivalry has engulfed the Youtube feed of some gaming fans and others as well. Controversies between YouTubers are no new thing and once again, there is an escalation between Skeppy and A6D who are both Gaming YouTubers. They both play Minecraft and the drama escalated into a  verbal fight on Twitter.

This is A6D- the Youtuber who is the central figure of this controversy.

Vincent who goes by A6D on his channel and Skeppy whose real name is Zak Ahmed were once friends but their friendship didn’t last that long. They became separated and wanted nothing to do with each other. However, A6D tweeted some things on Twitter and the fight again was resumed. However, Skeppy hasn’t said much and that has helped the fight to not be as major as it could have been.

What Did A6D Do To Skeppy?

A6D didn’t accuse Skeppy of anything and did not go to pick a fight with him this time around. He made a tweet where he spoke about the use of the word “retard”. As we all know, retard is a word that people discourage using these days as it could be insensitive to certain people. A6D had to say something about that.

In a tweet, A6D explains all about his journey with the Minecraft community and how it has made him hollow because of all the hypocrites in the community. He also advocated that he should be able to use the word “retard” because it’s just a word and context matters the most.

In this tweet, he wrote “retard” and then wrote “ok, did I get your attention yet?” People started commenting on the post and said that it was offensive and should not be used. Furthermore, some people said that they understood where he was coming from but it wasn’t just a word but a slur.

A6D did not say anything to Skeppy but then his past troubles with Skeppy just started to be talked about. However, people then started tweeting out about the horrible things A6D had done until that point. People claimed he was a misogynist, transphobic, racist, and ableist. A6D hadn’t said or mentioned Skeppy but his tweet backfired on him when people started tweeting about all his past mistakes.

What Happened Between Skeppy and a6d: Drama Explained

How does Skeppy fit into all of this? People on Twitter started to post how A6D was trying to sabotage Skeppy’s career by doing horrible things to him. This video from Twitter explains what A6D tried to do to Skeppy and that A6D was indeed a horrible creator and doesn’t deserve his success.

However, Skeppy didn’t have to say much about the whole situation.

Skeppy just said that he wished he had done things a little differently with A6D and that’s all he said. He also explained that he was not talking in regard to the current drama going on Twitter.

However, Skeppy made sure that he was no longer friends with A6D and would not want to be friends with him anymore.

A6D and Skeppy were friends at one point but now, they are not. There were controversies before that increased distance between them. However, they aren’t fighting right now. This controversy is all happening because of A6D’s tweets and at this point, t’s not A6D vs Skeppy but A6D vs his haters.

Skeppy AKA Zak Ahmed Bio

Zak Ahmed says on his Instagram that he makes stupid videos. He has a YouTube channel as well as Twitch stream.

He is currently 20 years old as he was born on January 17, 2000. He plays Minecraft and is one of the well known Minecraft players on YouTube.

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