What Did Austin Harrouff Drink? Wikipedia And Case: Update 2021

What Happened To Austin Harrouff? What Did He Drink? Update 2021

What Happened To Austin Harrouff? What Did He Drink? Update 2021

People still have no idea what actually happened during the Austin Harrouff stabbings that occurred in August 2016. Many people suggest that the teenager drank something that led him to the rampage. What did he drink then? Here’s a complete update on him. 

Austin Harrouff was a Florida State University student when he went to the summer vacation with his family in 2016. However, the vacation became the worst day of his life. The 19-year-old snapped and went to murder two of his neighbors. 

The murder is still being talked about because of the aggressive nature of the murder. Austin then ate the victim’s face and stomach after killing him. Doctors suggest that it had something he had eaten or drank. After 4 years, he still awaits his trial. 

What Did Austin Harrouff Drink during the killings?

The research and analysis have not been able to confirm what exactly Austin Harrouff drank or eat during the rampage. But many have guessed that he might have drunk chemicals that are present in the mechanical garage. 

After the thorough study of the scene, it was the only logical conclusion to point at. Likewise, Austin Harrouff has undergone a lot of psychological analysis over the last 4 years. 

The Face Eater: Does he have a Wikipedia biography?

Austin Harrouff, after his doings in 2016 was infamously known as “the face eater.” He tried the eat the face and stomach of a neighbor he killed after he snapped. 

Despite the hype of the case, it doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. Neither does the alleged killer. But there are no short of news articles about him and the case. 

Austin Harrouff: Is he arrested? Sentence and Case Update

As of February 2021, Austin Harrouff still awaits his trial. The trial of the case was delayed for a number of reasons. Doctors and Psychologists are trying to figure out if anything is wrong with him. 

So are every other person who knows about the case. Still, everyone is puzzled why Austin Harrouff killed and try to eat people at the age of 19. 

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