What Did Awstin.13 Do TikTok?

Awstin 13 Sister Name Revealed: What Did Awstin.13 Do TikTok?

Awstin 13 Sister Name Revealed: What Did Awstin.13 Do TikTok?

Awstin 13 is a TikTok star who has been in the headlines after he was alleged to have raped his own sister. Further investigations are being done and we might even find this TikTok star in jail one day!

Awstin 13 aka Austin Murawski has gained a total of 364.7 thousand followers on his official TikTok account. He is seen uploading a lot of videos with his girlfriend Payge Walker.

Who Is Awstin 13’s Sister? Awstin 13 Sister’s Name Revealed

If you have been wondering about Awstin 13’s sister, her name is Kandence Murawski and it has been known that he shares a deep bond with her. Also, he has a brother too whose name is Skyler Murawski.

We have come to know that Awstin 13 had spent his entire childhood with these siblings. However, there’s something for you to know about his relationship with his sister that will actually shock you!

What Did Awstin 13 Do? Drama Explained

Well, you always look at your big brother for protection and safety if you are a girl. However, it was not the case with Kandence Murawski when she was about 5 to 9 years old. 

There has been huge drama on TikTok regarding what Awstin 13 did to his sister – he raped her and at that time, he was around 10 to 13 years old. Well, a younger sister can never expect such disgusting behavior from her brother and now, people are demanding to cancel Awstin 13 from TikTok. 

Awstin 13 Rape Allegations: What next?

As per various reports on the internet, Awstin 13 has been facing rape allegations and even some sites suggest that he spent his time in a juvenile prison. However, the true reports from the prison have not yet been out as the prison is more focused on keeping it a secret. 



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So, what next for the TikTok star who hails from Michigan? Will he be canceled? There are tons of his followers who seek to provide him one last chance but there are tons of oppositions who want him to be removed from the platform. 

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