What Did Chris Baker Say? Omaha Wife Wikipedia And Net Worth

What Did Chris Baker Say? Omaha Radio Host Comments

What Did Chris Baker Say? Omaha Radio Host Comments

What Did Chris Baker Say? The Omaha radio host has been fired. Get to know his wife and net worth.

One of the famous radio hosts out of Omaha, Chris Baker has been fired from the KFAB this afternoon. As per the company’s statement, they fired him for making an offensive tweet and said that they would take no responsibility for his actions. 

Baker had done tours with several high-profile comics in the country. 

What did Chris Baker say? Omaha Radio host Twitter Boomer

The Omaha radio host, Chris Baker has been fired because of his tweet. So what did he actually say?

Following the judgment on the recent trial of Derek Chauvin who was found guilty, Baker tweeted a GIF of four black people wearing paint and dancing. Over the GIF, he captioned it with “Guilty.” 

The tweet was deemed offensive and the radio host came into the infamous spotlight within hours. 

However, he has said that it was a mistake and that’s not who he really is. But the damage was already done. 

Chris Baker Wife And Family

Chris Baker is a married man who lives with his wife, Sarah. 

Also, the couple shares three children with each other. All of them are boys. However, Baker does keep his family away from the spotlight. Hence, the members of his family have not made any comment on the situation and wisely so. 

Further facts about his parents and childhood remain yet to be surfaced. 

Chris Baker Wikipedia and Net Worth: How much does he earn?

Chris Baker does have a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography. 

As a host of one of the most popular talk shows, Chris Baker has a net worth of six figures of course. But the exact details are yet to be determined. His current salary is null as he has been recently fired from his job. 

Chris has been hosting talk shows for decades. 


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