What Did Donelij Do? What Happened To Him?

Why Did Donelij Get Banned: What Did Donelij Do? What Happened To Him?

Why Did Donelij Get Banned: What Did Donelij Do? What Happened To Him?

Why did Donelij get banned from TikTok? We know that TikTok is not taking any prisoners when it comes to people violating community guidelines and one of the reasons for that is that most of the Tiktok users are on the younger side. However, there are multiple sides to this story. If you try searching for Donelij on Google, you will find his account but, it will lead to this screen saying “Page Not Available”.

Donelij has been one of the victims of the “cancel culture”. First, TikTok bans Donelij and then his own fans turn against him. There are a lot of aggravated teenagers who sent death threats to Donelij. Why was Donelij banned? Why are his fans threatening to kill him? What are other content creators saying about this issue? What are the different sides of this story? 

If you want to know about this, hang on, because we are about to go on a wild and epic ride. Grab some popcorns if you like drama. I am a really bad influence, aren’t I? 

Why Did Donelij Get Banned?

On September 1, 2020, Donelij’s Tiktok was officially banned. He had a lot of fans and all of a sudden, nobody could access his channels anymore. People were threatening to kill Donelij as they also accused him of being a homophobe at the same time.

There were people discussing Donelij’s homophobia on Twitter. According to this discussion, Donelj’s face used to change into a frown when he saw any member of the LGBTQ community on TikTok. 

That’s the only reason why people are saying that he is a homophobe and then started to go against him. They went so far as to threaten to kill him which I think is really psychotic and insensitive.

What Did Donelij Do?

A look- a simple facial expression is what Donelij made. However, people are saying that he made those kinds of expressions multiple times. There is one group of people saying that it’s not big of a deal that he frowned and he doesn’t deserve to be treated that badly.

In a slightly different note, some people are saying that expressions are the way people communicate and if someone is visibly upset and frowns at the sight of any person of the LGBTQ community, that’s homophobia.

There are people on Tiktok who want Donelij to just apologize and take responsibility for the whole thing.


Pov: you’re @donelij

♬ original sound – toborowitz

Some people definitely think this is the right thing because there is a total of 237 thousand likes on this TikTok. @toborowitz was appreciated by some people whereas also was blasted by some people saying that he wasn’t making any sense at all.

Should Donelij Apologize?

Most of the people on Tiktok think that Dnelij owes LGBTQ community an apology but there are also those who think that it’s frivolous. There is even a  change.org petition demanding people to free Donelij and stop bothering him at all. They are using the hashtag “#freedonelij” and are angry at the fact that somebody could be thrown under the bus for just normal things as a deadpan look.

Looka t this video and you will know where both sides are coming from. Donelij cleverly has made another Tiktok account called “@notdonelij“.


♬ Ritz Car – alisamemesuwu

He even made this video where he said he was going to return back only when Donelij returned and he was not a Donelij. That’s really funny because he is in fact Donelij and him doing this without apologizing is what angers the apology seekers even more.

I am conflicted by this. Well, what do you guys think Donelij do? Apologize or wage a war on TikTok?

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