What Do Each Of His Tattoo Mean?

Does Taylor Lewan Have Any Tattoos? His Tattoos Meaning And Story Behind

Does Taylor Lewan Have Any Tattoos? His Tattoos Meaning And Story Behind

Taylor Lewan has a number of tattoos that match up with his physique and body. Let’s take a look at his inks.

Lewan shirtless beer chug at the Predators game made everyone wondering about the American football offensive tackle tattoos and their meaning.

He has got inked everywhere, from chest to legs where each tattoo carries specific meaning to him. And, every tattoo is so close to his heart.

Taylor Lewan Tattoos Revealed

Taylor Lewan has interesting tattoos all over his body.

Moreover, Lewan has more than 17 tattoos all over his body which includes Tribal tattoo, Man, LEWAN tattoo, Own and Rose, Pin-up Girl and Lipstick, Portrait and Tree tattoo, Bird and Sun, Words and Cross, Face tattoo, Finger tattoo, Stickman tattoo, Back tattoo, Bear tattoo, Seal, Ship tattoo, Flowers, and Woman warrior tattoo.

What Does Each Of His Tattoos Mean?

Some of his Tattoos meaning are listed below:

Tribal tattoo – It is a tribal design tattooed on his left upper arm and shoulder.

Man – He has inked a tattoo of a man dressed in old robes, with his head covered, carrying a walking cane on his upper left arm. This symbolizes the athlete’s faith in his god.

Leman tattoo – There’s “LEWAN” inked on his left biceps. It is a tribute to his family name.

Owl and Rose – There’s a large tattoo of an Owl on his right upper arm and two rose flowers on his right shoulder. The owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The never-extinguishing flame in his Owl tattoo represents how the wl is protecting the dying light. It was done for a loved one.

Pin-up Girl and Lipstick – His right bicep has a Pin-up girl surrounded by stars. Also, there is a red lipstick kiss on the inner side of his right forearm.

Portrait and Tree tattoo – Portrait on his arm is of Marilyn Monroe, his childhood crush.

Bear –  On his knee represents braver and sheer power

Ship – This represents a new journey along with bravery.

Woman Warrior – This represents the native American heritage and culture.

Back tattoo – tattoo on his back goes along with the word by author, Louis L’Amour.

Also, there are different tattoos that carry their own meaning to him.

Did He Ever Remove His Inks?

Reports suggest that Taylor Lewan has removed LEWAN tattoo with the help of laser treatment.

Well, there are few more tattoos on his body whose meaning is still a mystery.

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