What Does August 27 Mean? TikTok Conspiracy, Moon and Mars Explained

What Does August 27 Mean? TikTok Conspiracy, Moon and Mars Explained

What Does August 27 Mean? TikTok Conspiracy, Moon and Mars Explained

What Does August 27th Mean on TikTok? You might have been thinking this if you have seen Tiktok in the last few days. August 27 is apparently the magical day that TikTok has foreshadowed. After a user in TikTok said that something major was happening on August 27th, others flocked in as well and made similar kinds of videos.

Tiktok is the place for different kinds of content- lip sync videos, dance challenges, product marketing videos. I am not sure what this trend falls under. But I am just going to say that this belongs under “weird &random” content. 

If you are an avid TikTok user, you might have already seen this video on your FYP. And like many people, it might have left you confused. Well, don’t worry because I am going to explain all about this new trend in TikTok.

What Does August 27th Mean On TikTok?

August 27 is just a date- one might say that under normal circumstances. But what does it signify on TikTok? After all, Tiktok is a place for weird and random content.

A TikTok user made a video saying that August 27 is the date something big was going to happen. No details, no facts, just modern-day Nostradamus. She made this bizarre video and posted it on her TikTok.


♬ Such a wh0re slowed – billie.is.my_wife

She has used a filter making herself appear like one of those blue creatures from “The Avatar”. This filter gives the video that extra surreal quality. And she adds that if anyone was seeing the video they were the chosen one.

Chosen for what? One might ask but she really doesn’t say anything about that. Just that one is special if they watched the video.


I can’t be the only one ##August ##august27 ##august27th ##fyp ##foryou

♬ original sound – rangle.wav

Another Tiktok user was really concerned that she was being chosen too much and made a video like this. One thing common about these videos is that they all have to have an outrageous kind of filter. After all, the video is supposed to be spooky.

TikTok Conspiracy About August 27th

Nobody is actually going to believe that something big is happening on August 27th or that if you came across that video, you really were chosen for something big. It’s just a trend. We have all seen this before. People make videos of something random and stupid and then eventually, everyone starts making them even though it has no sense.

Why would a video go viral if it doesn’t make sense? After all, it’s TikTok- not NASA. It’s supposed to be not serious but something fun. People are looking forward to August 27 if something big is about to happen. I am kind of scared because it’s 2020 and we might see aliens landing. Who knows?

Of all the conspiracy, there was a conspiracy where people were speculating that Donald Trump was going to die because “The Simpsons” had predicted so. However, that’s fake because that never aired on “The Simpsons”.

August 27th Moon And Mars Explained

There are rumors going around the internet saying that Mars is going to appear as big as the moon is from the Earth’s surface on August 27th. They have said it because the Mass is actually going to be close to earth in the year 2020.

However, this theory is completely untrue because Mars is never going to appear as big as the moon is. It is just a hoax and will never happen.

What Has Happened On August 27?

August 27 is here and what has happened? Well, so far it’s not surprising. The world is still at disarray because of the pandemic. A hurricane is raging in the USA and Jeff Bezos is now worth $200 billion.




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