What Does AWL Mean On Snapchat? AWL Meaning In Text Explained

What Does AWL Mean On Snapchat? AWL Meaning In Text Explained

What Does AWL Mean On Snapchat? AWL Meaning In Text Explained

Imagine if your friend texted you “AWL” and you don’t understand anything, not one bit. We bring you the complete meaning and circumstances when the slang “AWL” is used. 

Texting is fun until you know what another person is trying to tell you. When you dive into the world of social media, you will find quite a lot of mysteries about it. And slang and acronyms are a few of many. So better to get used to them before anyone in your friend circle. 

Social networking sites like Snapchat and TikTok are exclusively popular among younger users. Their curiosity has infinite limitations as they discover new trends and slang every other day. And honestly, it is quite hard to catch up with every slang on the internet. But with our help, you might as well know enough of them. 

If you are still wondering what AWL means in a text message, it’s about time you know it. Here is the explanation of the meaning of AWL. 

What Does AWL Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is famous for quick texting where almost everything is dealt with acronyms. Hence there comes another acronym, AWL. It simply means “Always With Love.” The term is often used between two lovers while texting. For example:

A: Aww! You brought me a pen. 

B: Yes. AWL. 

Other Meanings of AWL

These social media slang are not confined to a single meaning, that’s the wonderful part about them. Hence, the term, AWL is also used in several circumstances to describe other things. 

According to the Urban Dictionary, AWL means “a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes.” This obviously seems like a literal meaning which is used in surgical medicine. 

Also, the term, AWL is used to describe a stupid person. For Instance, if you say someone is AWL, they are the most useless person. 

But normally, AWL is used during texting as Always with Love. 

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