What Does Beveragino Mean On TikTok? #beveragino Meaning Explained

What Does Beveragino Mean On TikTok? #beveragino Meaning Explained

What Does Beveragino Mean On TikTok? #beveragino Meaning Explained

Bevaragino is a new slang term that’s becoming famous on Tik Tok after a video was made by a bunch of British teenagers saying Beveragino. We all know that slangs get formed often but it’s whether it will stick with people or not that matters. And judging from the popularity of this Tik Tok video, Beveragino is going to last for a long time because it has a nice ring to it.

Beveragino is a term used to mean friends or people getting together to enjoy some beverages collectively. In a Tik Tok video that cast a light upon this new word, a lad is seen saying where his friends were and were wishing they were with him for a beveragino. 


##fyp ##beveragino ##cheekyone

♬ original sound – henry.moore02

This is the video that first made use of this term. The video is quite funny because once he says “beveragino”, all others start saying it as well.

What Does Beveragino Mean On Tik Tok?

Beveragino is a new term for beverages. It doesn’t mean beverages but an act of drinking beverages. These videos are mostly made by teenagers and young people who are in a pool or hanging out somewhere trying to have fun. After all, we all need some beveragino in our life, don’t we?


Did someone say ##bevragino ##beveragino ##bevaragino @baileyjst @tcarterhilton @madsthesedays @jaccirai

♬ original sound – lil_niks

This video has girls in wonderful summer weather indulging in a little bit of a beveragino. Most of the videos made in this trend are sort of a homage to the first video made by British boys and people are trying to replicate the same carefree but a bit chaotic energy in the original video. Some people put their own spin on it and make it fun video.

#Beveragino Meaning Explained

There are many videos on Tik Tok which have the hashtag “#beveragino”. People who have used this hashtag on their video want to replicate the popular video trend. This became a trend unexpectedly and now people are flocking in and doing this trend.


it’s my 18th don’t let it flop ##fyp##foryou##beveragino

♬ original sound – aliceowens3

Just like this video, people have used #beveragino in their videos because that would mean people will instantly recognize the video and hopefully want to watch it. There are 16.7 million views on videos with the hashtag #beveragino on Tik Tok. What that means is that beveragino trend is fairly popular and using this hashtag will mean your video will be seen by more people than making a normal video.

Bevragino VS Beveragino

On some Tik Tok videos, we have seen the trend of people using #bevragino instead of #beveragino. In these videos, people also seem to pronounce the word slightly differently. I just want to clarify that these are no two different trends.

Someone made a mistake and called it bevragino instead of beveragino and used the hashtag #bevragino as well. As a result of that. #bevragino also got popular on Tik Tok. Videos with hashtag #bevragino also have a total of 3.8 million views on Tik Tok.

As you can see videos with hashtag “#bevragino” have a lot fewer views than videos with hashtag “#beveragino”. That happened because beveragino was the original term and bevragino is just an error. 

However, I have also seen people using both the hashtags on their videos. So, beveragino and bevragino both mean the same thing- to have beverages with your friends.

Is Beveragino A British Trend?

Beveragino video was first made by British boys and it became so famous that others started making the video as well. 


##beveragino ##fyp

♬ original sound – noahschnacky

This video made by “@noahschnacky” has people speaking British accent whereas he doesn’t speak like that in other videos of him. Lots of videos of Beveragino trend are British. I think it’s that way because the trend was started by British lad and people are paying their homages but it can be made by anyone- not just British people.

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