What Does Body Count Mean? Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does Body Count Mean? Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does Body Count Mean? Meaning Explained

What does body count mean? In general terms, people use ‘body count’ as the total number of people killed in war or some particular mishappening. It’s just a reference for ‘how many people have died’. But, there is nothing to do about this on TikTok as the musical application holds its own meaning which we will discuss here.

What Does Body Count Mean? Meaning Explained:

TikTok users might have already heard the term. With the growing TikTok users, the challenges on this social media are also rapidly increasing. We see new challenges every single day – some make us happy while some seem unnecessary. Well, ‘body count’ on TikTok is usually taken as a private matter which shows that people are quite offended by this challenge.

But, what does it really mean? Coming to the point, Body Count on TikTok simply means how many people you have slept with. So, as you see, people can’t share this publicly, can they? This is the reason why people are not encouraged to use this term as it brings negative effects on children.  


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What is Body Count? 

‘Body count’ on TikTok actually means the total number of people you have slept with. Since it revolves around sex, you probably know that the challenge is not suitable with your elders. In case, you wish to accept this challenge, we highly recommend you to do it with your friends.

Also, we would like to inform you that do not let children get involved in such challenges. There are users complaining about their young children asking them about their body counts which might sound funny. 

Origin and Definition:

Talking about the origin of ‘body count’, is also one of the challenges that first started with one of the TikTok users. But, we do not really know who started it. However, the research is going on and we will inform you about it very soon.

Coming to the definition, we have already mentioned what does it mean. So, you can make your own definition of the challenge. The appropriate definition might be ‘the number of people one has had sexual intercourse with’. So, what do you think of this growing trend?

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