What Does Buss It Mean? Buss It Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does Buss It Mean? Buss It Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does Buss It Mean? Buss It Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

What does ‘Buss It’ mean? If you have been regular on TikTok, then you definitely know the brand new TikTok challenge which is simply called Buss It Challenge. If not, we will be speaking about the challenge in this article which will clear all your doubts regarding the challenge.

Don’t Worry! This TikTok challenge is very simple and anyone can perform it! However, we recommend the girls to do it as the challenge is only popular among the girls. Just like any other dance challenge, Buss It is also a challenge that involves a song in it. 

What Does Buss It Mean? Meaning Explained:

Buss It is a phrase that simply means to dance when another person wants you to. According to an example by CamillaMarie on Hi Native, it’s a slang phrase used when someone wants you to twerk but the phrase can also be applied for any kind of dance.

A common phrase is “Buss it down” or “bust down” and now, when someone says that, get ready to dance for them. Well, only use this phrase with your friends as strangers will definitely find it odd if you use to ask them to twerk or dance for you, right? 

Meaning of Buss It On Urban Dictionary:

Although Buss It is usually used for dance purposes, the phrase can also be used in a sexual way as stated by Urban Dictionary. It’s a term that refers to having fun. 

But, what kind of fun? Probably related to sexual activities. According to the site, usually, boys use the term to girls to invite them for some kind of sexual activity. 

New TikTok Challenge: ‘Buss It’ Explained:

Once the slang got popular in the community, people started a new TikTok challenge which basically is very simple. All you need for this new challenge is a new attire along with the one you have been wearing and the song by Erica BanksBuss It


##BussItChallenge 🔥🔥🤣🔥

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Start your challenge by simply playing the background song and when the beat drops, you need to put on that outfit as shown above by Erica herself. See, it’s that simple and we really hope that you will accept the challenge now. 

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