What Does Cancelled Mean on TikTok? Cancelled Slang Meaning Explained

What Does Cancelled Mean on TikTok? Cancelled Slang Meaning Explained

What Does Cancelled Mean on TikTok? Cancelled Slang Meaning Explained

Have you the heard people getting cancelled and wondered what does cancelled mean on TikTok? If you are surfing through your social media, chances are you will come across several slang words and acronyms and you just don’t know what they mean.

Recently, lots of people are starting this culture and are cancelling people on social media like TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. Many famous celebrities are getting cancelled. Doja Cat got cancelled on TikTok. Bill Gates is cancelled. Needless to say, Kanye West is cancelled, and he got cancelled because he did not cancel Trump.

Cancel has been used as a verb for quite a long time. We can always cancel our plans, events, parties, newspaper subscription, and many more. But for a while now, “people” are getting cancelled. That’s right, ‘cancelled’ is now being used as a label on people and not on their plans.

So, what exactly does it mean to be Cancelled?

What does Cancelled mean?

In today’s context, Cancelled is used when we use an informal way to, somewhat like, “Boycott” somebody. Or in other words, to dismiss somebody.

For example, someone says something offending and unacceptable to the public, and we as a community declare that we are over them.

What does cancelled mean on TikTok?

Just like in any other social media platforms, Cancelled means the same on TikTok which is to declare that you are over someone or they are now blacklisted.

It’s basically famous people like celebrities and influencers that get cancelled. You see, if you are cancelled then it means that no one would respect you any more, or won’t look at you in a good way anymore, you lose all your followers. And for losing public respect and following, you first need to have a fame and respectful position, right?


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But these famous people do not get cancelled without any reason, it is often their fault for saying or doing something that hurts the public’s feelings or emotions.

Someone gets cancelled by saying something racist and sexist while some get cancelled by being manipulative.

What does Cancelled mean in Urban Dictionary?

According to the Urban dictionary, Cancel means to dismiss somebody or to reject an individual or an idea. It also means that you are over with someone, he/she is done for, and you want to say them to be gone.

For example, if a famous girl says “Ni**a, You don’t tell me what to do.” Then 99% of people on the Internet would say “omg, that white girl said the N-word, she is Cancelled.” Saying the N-word means that you are racist.

Similarly, if you are a famous person, then you should refrain from using sexist comments, racist comments, homophobic comments, etc. Basically, you need to have broad and modern thinking and love the people just as they are and should not discriminate any of them.

Can you get uncancelled after being cancelled?

Cancel culture is like, “If you have done something wrong then you are out of here”.

Actually it kind of feels pretty dehumanizing and harsh to cancel people based on something they have said. There are celebrities whose whole career can get destroyed after getting cancelled because of their single mistake.

We make mistakes as a human being, so it is a graceful human nature to forgive someone for their mistake. And so we should forgive them but only if they show significant repentance. For example, TikTok stars like Lil Huddy and Vinkle got uncancelled.

So, yes, people that have been cancelled can be uncancelled too. They can make a comeback for themselves. But until they realize their fault they are cancelled.


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