What Does Chapstick Mean TikTok? Chapstick Trend/Challenge Explained

What Does Chapstick Mean TikTok? Dangerous Suicide Challenge Explained

What Does Chapstick Mean TikTok? Dangerous Suicide Challenge Explained

If you follow the trends on TikTok, then you should definitely know about the dangerous Chapstick Challenge. If you have no idea about what this is all about then you are in the right place. So, let’s get cracking.

TikTok is all about following challenges nowadays. People are performing various trending challenges to get viral on the TikTok platform.

Among various challenges that are trending on the platform, the Chapstick Challenge is one of them. The challenge is said to be created by a well-known TikTok star called Shane. However, we are not sure.

Continue reading to know everything about the trend.

What Is Chapstick On TikTok?

Chapstick is the name of a challenge that is currently Trending on TikTok.

Don’t get confused, the challenge is not to endorse or market any chapstick brand. However, various brands of Chapstick are used in this trend.

Chapstick Challenge Explained

Well, Chapstick Challange has also been performed by multiple TikTok stars as well as YouTubers.

So, this challenge involves two people, where one person has to guess the flavor of the chapstick that their opponent is wearing. The challenger (who puts on the chapstick) will either kiss their opponent or the opponent will have to guess the flavor by smelling or tasting it. 


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The fun part about this challenge is that the opponent will be blindfolded the entire time. So, various flavored chapstick is used on this trending challenge.

Tiktok Chapstick Suicide Trend Explored

Chapstick Challange is something that begun as a fun and harmless trend, but now its intent seems to have drifted.

Various TikTok users are warning people to not follow the trend. Now, Chapstick Challange has become a new suicide trend. Yes, you read that correctly; what was once an enjoyable challenge has now evolved into something serious, even life-threatening.


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The trend is quite similar to the once viral Blue Whale Challenge. So, be aware of such challenges and do not follow such challenges in fact report them.

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