What Does DDD Mean On TikTok? DDD December Meaning Explained

What Does DDD Mean On TikTok? DDD December Meaning Explained

What Does DDD Mean On TikTok? DDD December Meaning Explained

DDD is a new slang word and a trend that’s getting more and more viral on the internet recently. But What Does DDD Mean On TikTok? 

People on TikTok are hopping on the DDD internet trend and as a result of that, this trend has gotten even bigger. Let’s get to know what DDD is all about.

DDD stands for Destroy Dick December. It’s a new trend in response to NNN. Someone randomly came up with this trend but we can’t really trace it back to the date when this was first thought of. As most trends on the internet are, this also saw exponential growth in just a matter of a few weeks.

DDD is one of the funniest trends I have seen in recent days. The idea is to not nutting for any days of November. After one month of not masturbating on the whole of November, one is supposed to masturbate all days of December. The idea of this trend is to masturbate so much to the point where your dick gets destroyed.

What Does DDD Mean On TikTok?

DDD stands for Destroy Dick December. Apparently, this meme states that one has to celebrate DDD, and the way you do that is by excessive masturbation. On TikTok, people are using #ddd to make a video on this trend.

This hashtag has been used along with #NNN videos. NNN trend means No Nut November where guys can’t masturbate for the whole month of November. After that from the 1st of December to New Years Day, you can celebrate DDD.


##duet with @karolina.byrgiel ##nnn ##ddd ##foryou ##dolhal ##JumanjiChallenge

♬ demarcus makes bedroom pop – unibrow girl

As this TikTok shows, as soon as November is over, the time for DDD begins. According to the rule made by memesters on the internet, one is supposed to masturbate for 1 time on the first of December, 2 times on the 2nd until 31 times on the last day of December.

#DDD Videos TikTok Explained

There are a total of 57.4 million views on videos that have the hashtag “#ddd” on TikTok. Not all of these videos refer to the Destroy Dick December trend.


Dㅓ보이즈 D.D.D Dㅏ함께 땐쓰땐쓰땐스🤟 ##THEBOYZ ##더보이즈 ##DreamLike ##DDD

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – THE BOYZ

As you can see, this video here is talking about Dance Dance Dance trend. This is a slightly different trend than the one we are focused on.

If you want to actually carry on with the DDD trend, you can make videos about it and post it on TikTok. If you were to actually try to masturbate as many times as the date on that day, you will literally destroy your dick.

DDD Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

Urban Dictionary also has a brief definition of the slang DDD. It refers to DDD as Destroy Dick December as well. Texting and other social media also use the term DDD to refer Destroy Dick December.

On Instagram, there are a lot of posts about DDD trend.

A lot of meme pages on Instagram also have started to make memes on Destroy Dick December. It’s all just fun and games. I suppose one could try and masturbate once or twice every day for the whole month of December. Nobody would like to masturbate 31 times a day.

Many other sites on the internet have also written about this trend and if you want to read a cool article about this randomly originated funny trend.

Are NNN And DDD Related?

NNN(No Nut November) and DDD(Destroy Dick December) are somewhat similar kinds of trends. To begin with, both of these are related to masturbation but they are actually on the opposite spectrum.

A lot of videos on TikTok have also used these two hashtags together.


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