What Does Eric From 90 Day Fiance Do For Living?

Eric Nichols Job: What Does Eric From 90 Day Fiance Do For Living?

Eric Nichols Job: What Does Eric From 90 Day Fiance Do For Living?

Eric Nichols is the boyfriend of a woman named Larissa Dos Santos and they are featured in the popular reality TV series called 90 Day Fiance. 90 Day Fiance is a popular dating show in TLC where foreigners who have applied for K-1 visa are seen together with American women. The K1 visa is the special visa given by the US government to the fiance of American citizens who have 90 days to convert from a fiance to their husband.

Eric Nichols is one of the men featured in the show who was a boyfriend of Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Their relationship was not simple in any way and they went through a lot. After a while, Larissa and Erin broke up, and then they got back together.

Now, it loos as if they are back together. If you want to know everything about Eric Nichos, let me tell you all the information available about him.

Erin Nichols Job: Is He A Soccer Coach?

Erin Nichols according to Wikipedia is the soccer coach of Bowling Green State University. He has been in that job since February 17, 2009. He was an assistant coach in the Davidson College before that according to a Wikipedia post. But we have confusion if the Erin that is together with Larissa is the same Erin as mentioned in this Wikipedia page.

According to rumors, Eric could also be a pornstar in the future as his girlfriend is considering bringing him in the Onlyfans account that she has. But as of now, we’ll just say that Erin is the boyfriend of Larissa. The matter of his job- that’s a little confusing and officially not discussed.

Erin Nichols And Larissa Santos Lima Age

According to a popular website “InTouchWeekly“, Lima is currently 33 years old. As for the age of Eric, I would have to say that the details regarding his age are not available on the media. I am suspecting they must be around a similar age group considering Larissa met him on Tinder but we can’t say for sure.

Larissa was born on 14 August 1986 and celebrates her birthday on August 14 every year. However, Erin’s birthday details are missing on the internet and we don’t know how old he is.

Larissa looks so young that you would just not suspect her of being a 33-year-old woman. She looks really gorgeous.

Erin Nichols And Larissa Santos Lima Relationships

It all started when Larissa met Erin on Tinder and ff they were dating and were even featured in a show called 90 Day Fiance. They were going smooth but then they suddenly broke up. Larissa said that the reason fr breaking up was that they did not have sex as much as she wanted. Larissa even reported to the police that she was harassed by anonymous calls after the breakup.

She dumped him but then they got back together and had a little bit of thinking to do. Larissa made an attempt to rekindle their relationship and both of them came together back again. Larissa says that it was a process of knowing that they had feelings for each other and re-evaluating everything they had.

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It was 9 weeks that @ericjosephnichols and I were not together last fall. In that time, I reflected on my goals, I even dated a bit. The decision for both Eric and I to get back together was not decided in one dinner together. We talked about how we disappointed eachother, and we forgave. That was the first step. The second step was admitting to one another that we still cared. The third step was discussing what we wanted to do different this time around, and to not repeat past mistakes. I had a good two months of self reflection, but we were drawn back to one another. Just as so many couple’s marry, separate, get back, separate again. For everyone, there is a unique love story. I do not know the future, but I know what I want. I love my current relationship, I’m happy. Love is not just saying beautiful words you think the other wants to hear. Love is forgiveness and loyalty. It may take time, but when you get there, the journey was worth it. 💕 #90dayfiance

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This was the Instagram post they made together confirming they were backdating together.

Larissa Santos Rima Children

Larissa has not spoken about any of her children and hasn’t even mentioned that she was their mother. But there were rumors about her having 3 children and leaving them back in Brazil before moving to the USA. The source claims the children’s names as Raul, Arry, and another child whose name isn’t mentioned.

Larissa Santos Lima And Eric Nichols Instagram

Eric’s Instagram account is private if you want to see it. He has 18 thousand followers. However, Larissa has 47 thousand followers on her Instagram where she regularly posts her pictures.

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