What Does Geronimo Mean On TikTok: Geronimo Meaning Explained

What Does Geronimo Mean On TikTok: Geronimo Meaning Explained

What Does Geronimo Mean On TikTok: Geronimo Meaning Explained

Lately, there is a new trend going viral on TikTok that saw several people refusing to utter a specific and unique word-‘ Geronimo’. But the question arises what is actually does it means?

New App and new TikTok trends videos are going viral daily and many do not have any sense and meaning in it. If you are currently looking at TikTok, you could see a heap of videos which has the word,’ Geronimo’ featured on it. All of sudden, it seems like a taboo word. So not wasting any moment, let us get to find what the word is all about.

What is the meaning of the word, Geronimo?

To make the matter crystal clear, the term Geronimo isn’t actually a slur. TikTok users are just using the word to confuse their viewers and people in general. Surprisingly the joke played on the people also worked precisely well too!

The term also has several different meanings connected to it which are written in detail below.

  • ‘Geronimo’ was the name of a Native American military leader and the medicinal person who hails from the Bedonkohe of the Apache tribe in the 1800s.
  • It is a word used before performing some sort of courageous acts such as skydiving. It traces its roots back to the 1940s when the US Army performs its first-ever parachute jumps in Georgia.
  • Also in the iconic British TV show, Doctor Who, the eleventh doctor portrayed by the great actor, Matt Smith also uttered the famous word, Geronimo.
  • Likewise, there is also a song titled, ‘Geronimo’ by an Australian Indie band known as Sheppard which was released in the year that makes several references to all the many variations of the term ‘Geronimo’.

Hence, the word is no slur as you can see and read from the above paragraphs and lines. The term, ‘ Geronimo’ should be treated as a normal word, not like some offensive and abusive word.

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