What Does GRQM Mean On TikTok? GRWM Videos Explained

What Does GRQM Mean On TikTok? GRWM Videos Explained

What Does GRQM Mean On TikTok? GRWM Videos Explained

GRWM videos are new things every Tiktok creators are making. Well, actually, not every TikToker but most of the TikToker are making these kinds of videos. Especially young girls are making these kinds of videos. Let’s try and explore what this trend on TikTok is and why girls are doing it?

GRWN stands for Get Ready With Me. Everyone is making these videos where they are giving makeup tutorials as well as other instructions to get ready before going somewhere. Usually, these kinds of videos are just perfect because they are like a mini version of glow-up scenes in movies.

Some of these videos are also aimed at the issue of mental health. Some people are heartbroken and then lose their passion for life and stay indoors. These videos are encouraging them to stand up and put on nice clothes, smell good, and go live life.


whether it’s by glamming up or toning it down, you do you x ##grwm ##makeup

♬ ANDRE USED. OMG IM CRYING. – gøthicsmovięs

This is what GRWM videos look like. It’s simple as there’s just a girl putting on makeup. It kind of has a sad vibe as she headed out to a funeral. But that’s what this trend is about- getting ready to show up in life.

What Does GRWM Mean On TikTok?

GRWM stands for Get Ready With Me. The idea behind these videos is to show people your routine of getting ready before heading out to someplace. Hopefully, some people can follow those tutorials and ready themselves.


This made me feel better 🙂 ##makeup ##shecandoit ##fyp ##foryou ##xycbca ##grwm ##trending @tiktok

♬ ANDRE USED. OMG IM CRYING. – gøthicsmovięs

Most of the videos are girls putting on makeup and the background song is powerful and has the vibe of a girl “taking charge of her life”.

Some girls are showing instructions of showering their hair, skincare routine as well. However, without a doubt, the most predominant types of videos are girls putting on makeup.

GRWM Videos On TikTok Explained

Videos with the hashtag “#grwm” have a total of 4.3 billion views on TikTok. That means this trend has been wildly popular and more and more people are doing it. In the beginning, I didn’t see any boys doing this trend but I was wrong.


I was feeling down until I realized that I should never let anyone’s word effect my life. (Read bio)

♬ ANDRE USED. OMG IM CRYING. – gøthicsmovięs

This video is really sweet and uplifting because it shows a person who is not acting like a victim and taking charge of his own life. The song used in the background also has a pretty powerful vibe and is one of the reasons why this trend has gotten so big.


The cutest ##GRWM ever ? 😍

♬ ANDRE USED. OMG IM CRYING. – gøthicsmovięs

Some people have even made a video on their dog. I mean dogs also need to get ready and look good. There’s nothing like a dirty pet. So, this trend looks like it will be here for a long period of time.

Basically, nobody is supposed to feel down and if you do, you get up and get ready. Put on makeup, shower, smell nice, and show up because showing up is already 50 percent success.

Are GRQM and GRWM Videos Same Trend?

There’s not even a question about this. GRWM trend has existed for a while and people have made hundreds of millions of videos on that. However, GRQM videos are something that doesn’t exist. Not in TikTok, or any other social media is this trend visible.

GRWM Meaning Urban Dictionary

According to Urban Dictionary, GRWM stands for Get Ready For Me. These kinds of videos have existed for while. On YouTube, creators have made long vlogs explaining what they do to get ready.

However, with TikTok being very popular, GRWM videos are reduced to just seconds of videos and GRWM videos on TikTok have generally more uplifting vibe than normal GRWM videos. In texting and social media, the meaning of GRWM is the same.

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