What Does Hinge Girl Mean? Hinge Girl Meaning on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat

What Does Hinge Girl Mean? Hinge Girl Meaning on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat

What Does Hinge Girl Mean? Hinge Girl Meaning on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat

The term ‘Hinge Girl’ is trending on various social media platforms. TikTok and Snapchat users have especially used it a lot in recent days. In addition to this, dating apps made the term especially popular. 

Dating as have become insanely famous due to their ease, especially in lockdown when most of us got bored and had to find newer ways to date without meeting people. 

What Does The Term Hinge Girl Mean?

A ‘Hinge Girl’ is a bisexual woman, the term coming from the way a hinge on a door swings both ways when unattached. Many believe that the term was originated from the Hinge app. 

The app is a dating platform like Tinder with a twist, it offers only those people that you actually have mutual friends with on Facebook.

The Hinge Girl Meme

This trend has also become a meme that is used by people who have had a successful relationship after they met on the dating app.

Some people have also made memes on the fact that their significant other has named them Hinge Girl on their contacts. 

TikTok’s Take On Hinge

Most TikTok users are incredibly respectful to the LGBTQ community, they have also posted a lot of videos on the platform about the LGBTQ community supporting them.

Similarly, they also post a lot of videos about the Hinge Girl. Additionally, they also share videos at the dating app where the term originated. 


Quarantine dating at its finest… starting to really like him! Like for part 2! ##hinge ##quarantinedate ##firstdate ##dateidea ##funny ##fyp ##fypage

♬ original sound – howtococktails

Among all the video ideas and content, the #hinge and #date ideas are the ones that frequently pop up on the platform. 

Due to the appearance of the app during the quarantine, many people started entertaining themselves with various dating apps. 

Hinge Girl On Snapchat

Snapchat users have also used the new trend extensively. Especially in pride month 2020, millions of users posted Snaps with tags of Hinge Girl and other references to the term.

Another Meaning Of Hinge

In addition to being a term used for a bisexual girl, the term also means setting up two mutual friends on a date. Before the dating app boom, people used to set each other up via friends.


I lied they’re all from ##hinge ##greenscreen ##tinder ##tinderpickuplines

♬ original sound – aust1ndo

Hinging someone meant setting them up with a friend of yours. This was used especially in bars and clubs where people usually go to meet new people. 

Another use of the term can mean, getting out of a place, the implication being that that, the person will open the door and swing its hinges. 

The term is also not exclusive to girls as only using ‘hinge’ means someone who is bisexual no matter if they are male or female.

According to Urban Dictionary, it can also be used as an insult to people with bad hygiene and stereotypical to the people known as hillbillies. 

How Is Hinge Different To Other Dating Apps?

If you’re wondering hinge is an LGTQ dating app because Hinge Girl refers to a bisexual girl, then you are wrong. The app’s uniqueness lies in the way it connects people. While there are a substantial number of bisexual and gay people on the app. 


what are they gonna do, COME FIND ME?? ##greenscreen ##PlayByPlay ##fyp ##foryou ##tinder ##hinge ##dating

♬ Funky Town – The Dance Queen Group

This app offers a lot of information about a potential date, they market themselves as an app where relationships begin whereas other apps tend to sway towards the hookup scene. 

Hinge only shows potential matches that are already somewhat connected to you because of your mutual friends. It also gives other info like the user’s height, school, job, home locations, etc. 

While it decreases the awkwardness of your first date and gives matches common ground to talk on, it also increases the risk of getting stalked quite substantially as all the user’s information is visible in public. 

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