What Does Hoe Mean On TikTok? Hoe Meaning in Text, Urban Dictionary

What Does Hoe Mean On TikTok? Hoe Meaning in Text, Urban Dictionary
What Does Hoe Mean On TikTok? Hoe Meaning in Text, Urban Dictionary

The language of social media has evolved since it’s beginning. It sounds really bizzare for a normal people to hear social media slangs. These slangs have developed over time and that’s why it’s not easy to learn all of them at once.

For example : BTW Yall Sick af. I oop. Now if you could crack this code, you really are a social media veteran. Or at least you have the knowledge of one. It means that ” You all are sick by the way. And I am surprised.” Didn’t see it coming there, did you?

That’s how crazy this social media language can be and it is very commonly used by the users. They don’t even think, for once, that it sounds crazy. Perhaps, that’s what trends are all about. No matter how different they sound, they are still followed. 

Slangs can be both positive and negative depending upon the circumstances. But the circumstances presumably are not good most of the times. Slangs are the words that are used to describe something that has no exact word for the stuff. Or, most of the times it is used in place of a word not to sound so offending.

Among such slangs, “Hoe” is the one. It is widely used, especially on the text messages. The slang has been used in the popular musical lyrics and rap songs also. If you’re wondering what “hoe” means, then you have crashed in a perfect place as ever.

What does “Hoe” mean on Tiktok?

These slangs are best curated on the video networking site, Tiktok. And why not? Most of the tiktok creators and users are teenagers and they are the ones who come up with such slangs and ideas. 

Likewise, Hoe has many different meanings itself. But if someone uses it on tiktok, it usually isn’t a good impression. It is often used to describe a person who has sex with multiple person. 

On tiktok, people mostly do lip sync on the rap songs. The word “hoe” are used in some of the such rap songs and Tiktok creators make videos based on them. As a result, the word became very popular on the video networking site. 

What does “Hoe” mean on Texting?

“Hoe” has pretty same meaning when it is sent via text as well. But sometimes, it can be used in slgihtly different circumstance. During texting, it is used to describe all the people you have been with; actually those who you have been intimate with. 

Hence, it is pretty much the same but there’s a one big little difference. This meaning sounds less offensive than the former one. However, as for its meanings, it is a word that is used to replace “slut.” You can’t expect it to be “not offensive” whatsoever. 

How does Urban Dictionary describe “Hoe?”

Urban DIctionary has been pretty consistent in order to describe and exemplify the meaning of different social media languages. As per the urban dictionary, there are around 5 meanings of “hoe” which are very similar. 

Firstly, “hoe” is a farming tool. It is used for tillage and intercultural operations. It is more of a direct meaning of hoe, not social media sort. 

Also, it describes “hoe” as a person who thinks having sex with more than one people is cool. As per its other meaning, it is used to describe the person who can’t stand committed relationship. All these meanings are pretty much the same. 

Such slangs donot give the good impression of the social media, never do. Furthermore, the word “hoe” is often used to address a girl than for male. And being honest, girls are exploited relatively more than boys on social media. 

Hence, such practices may incur negative thoughts on someone’s mind and ultimately affect mental health. It is a wiser approach not to use such words. And if you find it using for wrong means, kindly report it to the concerned authority. 





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