What Does KAM 2020 Mean? Kill All Men (KAM) Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does KAM 2020 Mean? Kill All Men (KAM) Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does KAM 2020 Mean? Kill All Men (KAM) Meaning Explained

KAM 2020 in TikTok means Kill All Men 2020. Why is TikTok’s new trend about killing all men? Well, let’s find out…

TikTok has lately been a platform for many trends be is serious or meme trends. KAM 2020 is one of those trends. Kill All Men started as a joke on the TikTok.

What Is Kill All Men TikTok Trend?

Kill All Men TikTok trend started as a joke where women made videos and comments pulling a leg towards men who called women ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Can’t take a joke’ but get offended when women do that same thing in return with Kill All Men trend.

With the coming news of how an 11-year-old kid attempted suicide cause of the Kill All Men trend, TikTok has removed all the video with the #KAM2020 hashtag, and when tried to search shows the error of hateful content. Below is one of the videos posted on TikTok but found on Twitter. The user is trying to make people understand what KAM is all about.


What Does KAM 2020 Mean?

KAM 2020 is Kill All Men trend that actually started on Twitter but eventually found its route to TikTok. The girls on the TikTok spammed on the guy’s TikTok videos with the hashtag #KAM2020. 

[Trigger Warning: Suicide]

It first started as a joke but it has become a way to attack men for no reason. There has been a circulating story about how a kid attempted suicide because of the KAM hashtag and comments that were spammed on his post on Tiktok. The kid thought he was part of it and attempted it.


Some people don’t believe in that story since there are no sources about it. The only credibility of the news is ongoing tweets and comments. Things like this have been done on the past, to deflect certain issues raised by women, which is a valid reason to think so from their point to view too.


But if it is real then maybe the trend has been gone too far and people need to retrospect on the trend and issue as a whole.

Kill All Men (KAM) Meaning Explained

KAM trend started as a hyperbole created by women to fight against the misogynist and sexist males on the platform who harass women on an everyday basis for the way they dress, the way they act.

Men attack women or people of the LGBT+ community solely for existing, so the phrase KAM started in a way to fight that. It is a joke that is used to offends people who are misogynist and sexist. If they get offended by it then they must have been doing something wrong.

This trend started as a joke and to fight the harassment that women suffer from on the internet on an everyday basis. Here is one of the examples that joke on #KAM. 


Even if it started as a joke, it has created a lot of buzz in the community about if it is right or not. Ethically speaking it may not be the best way to get back to the misogynistic and sexist male but looking at all the harassment that women get isn’t anywhere ethical either.

There are men okay with this trend and are onboard with but there are some who feel misrepresented by the trend. One of the Twitter user (@kjevans78) talked about his struggle with emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse as a straight male and how this trend makes it seems like that whatever happened to him was justifiable and okay, just cause of the bad things another male has done.

At the end of the day, it is all fun and games until it costs someone’s life. It the trend is doing more harm than good to people then it has to end but if it is offending misogynist and sexist people on the internet, it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

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