What Does KYXS Mean? KYXS Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does KYXS Mean? KYXS Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does KYXS Mean? KYXS Meaning Explained

Did you ever receive a “KYXS” text message from someone? And probably wondered what it meant? If you did, this would be the article for you. The term has a different meaning than you have anticipated. 

Surely, social media has made the world smaller, but it also has made the world a little confusing. With its slang and acronyms, many people are finding it quite difficult to find literal and intended meaning out of their conversations. Chatting is quite fun unless you are a pro in it. 

Social networking sites gave origin to many slang and trends over the years, of course. It is quite a job to get used to all of them as trends change very fast. Fashion trends come second nowadays and guess what comes first? Social media trends. As the teenage society judges each other through their social media presence, it is more than important to get updated on trends. 

Talking about slang, we are going to talk about a specific slang that has taken social media on fire, KYXS. You can see people exchanging the message on the chatbox and most probably, on your group chats. Here is what it means. 

TikTok: What Does KYXS Mean? KYXS meaning explained

TikTok users, especially, use the term, KYXS more than often. And there’s a strong possibility that you’re on TikTok and you have heard the term. 

In case you’re wondering, KYXS means “I love you so much.” It is not an acronym but just a slang such as “xoxo.” People generally use it while texting but you can see them using it in comments as well. 

KYXS Meaning in Urban Dictionary

KYXS is one of the newest terms to be added to the Urban Dictionary. And unsurprisingly, Urban Dictionary says that its meaning is “I love you so much.”

When traced the slang back on social media, it leads to TikTok. Like with many other trends and slang, TikTok users seem to be the pioneer of KYXS too. 

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