What Does MLM Mean On TikTok? MLM Meaning In Text Explained

What Does MLM Mean On TikTok? MLM Meaning In Text Explained

What Does MLM Mean On TikTok? MLM Meaning In Text Explained

MLM videos are the new things on TikTok and videos with the hashtag “#mlm” are making it huge on TikTok. With social media being a bigger and bigger influence on how we communicate, we are definitely going to have more acronyms. So What does MLM mean on TikTok?

There are 236.1 million views on videos with the hashtag “#mlm” On TikTok. So, I think it’s fair to say that people have used this hashtag a lot. When these many people have used the word, it’s definitely not going to hold the same meanings for all people.

In texting and social media, the acronym MLM has different meanings. If you understand the contexts in each of these videos, you are definitely going to be very clear about the meaning of MLM. Having said that, read this article to the end if you want to know the meaning of MLM. Allow me to explain!

What Does MLM Mean On TikTok?

MLM stands for “Man Loves Men” in TikTok. There are many videos on TikTok homosexual men who love other men. When you look at that way, it’s really simple. MLM are those men who fancy having relationships with fellow men.


I’m a bottom, but these are some things stereotypical tops do. ##GhostMode ##ItBeLikeThat ##fyp ##topvsbottom ##tops ##topenergy ##bottomenergy ##mlm ##gay ##bi

♬ Pow – Soulja Boy

This is one of the videos that has the hashtag “MLM”. A user is showing how tops sit. It’s just a gay culture reference which you would understand if you are gay or have gay friends. If you didn’t know, this video is explaining what some gay guys normally do.

There are other videos and memes related to gay men and they use hashtags “‘mlm”. Therefore, it’s really simple to understand. One of the meanings of “mlm” is “man loves men”.


Called myself out on all of these.. ##StrapBack ##GimmeSomeTruth ##fyp ##fypシ ##bottoms ##bottomenergy ##topvsbottom ##relatable ##calledout ##mlm ##lgbtqia ##gay

♬ Pow – Soulja Boy

MLM Meaning- MultiLevel Marketing

Another popular meaning of MLM has been MultiLevel Marketing. This term is more used on social media. However, Tiktok videos also have used mlm in this context.


Best Speaker of India… ##tiktok ##edutokmotivation ##best ##veral ##mlm ##foryou

♬ Epic Motivational – AShamaluevMusic

This Indian video has used mlm as Multilevel Marketing in this TikTok video. He is saying that a job can’t fulfill your life if it’s too comfortable in this video. This video is extracted from a motivation session.

MultiLevel Marketing schemes are company schemes where they recruit people to sell their products. These companies can grow really fast because people are using social media and finding a lot of people to join the company or sell the products and make money.

There was an article in Business Insider talking about how MltiLevel Marketing isn’t good for customers because they end up losing their money. Take a look at the article I was referring to.

Does MLM stand For Mexican lives Matter?

There was a video on TikTok of a kid who talked about the inhumane way Mexicans are being treated in the USA a while ago. the situation was really dire when Trump made a decision to put immigrant children in cages.

People were furious and one Tiktok creator made this video.


##greenscreen ##greenscreenvideo it had to be said Im not sorry if you were offended ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ##mlm##mexicanlivesmatter##fyp##parati##mexico

♬ original sound – ElGueroDeSinaloa

This is a less popular meaning of this acronym and certainly, it has been used much less time than the other 2 meanings. However, this is also a legitimate meaning of mlm. It just depends on the context of the conversation.

MLM Meaning Urban Dictionary

According to Urban Dictionary, MLM refers to Men (who) Love Men. As I had already said this is the most popular meaning of the word, Urban Dictionary doesn’t have other 2 meanings of MLM on their site.

While texting, or on TikTok or any other social media, these are the 3 possible things mlm could mean. You just have to understand the context of the conversation and figure out which one is appropriate.

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