What Does ‘My Yellow’ Mean On TikTok? My Yellow Meaning Explained

What Does ‘My Yellow’ Mean On TikTok? My Yellow Meaning Explained

What Does ‘My Yellow’ Mean On TikTok? My Yellow Meaning Explained

“My Yellow” is a new TikTok trend that has got creators excited to shoot videos recently. The videos with the hashtag “#yellow” have been seen about a  billion times on TikTok. So, what’s this “My Yellow ” trend. Hang on because I am going to explain all about it right now.

My yellow basically means your best friend or the best person in their life on TikTok. Basically, you have girls and boys filming videos of themselves with their favorite person in the world. People have referred to their best friends as their yellow and some people have given that honor to their lovers.

This trend is really sweet as it makes you really be grateful that someone considers you their yellow. People have made a lot of videos about this trend and it certainly is one of the favorite trends I have come across on TikTok. When the online environment is so toxic, one trend about mentioning the best person in your life is definitely going to be sweet.

What Does “My Yellow” Mean On TikTok?

My Yellow means “the best person in your life”. It can be your kid, your friend, your lover, or even your pet. It can be just anyone. Some of the people could have misinterpreted this trend as something related to a TikTok filter but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is a really sweet video. If you have anyone that you think is your yellow, don’t waste any time and make this video so that they feel happy and precious.

The trend is inspired by the Coldplay song named “Yellow” which is in the background of all of the videos that have “#myyellow” as a hashtag.

Here’s another sweet gay couple who refer to each other as their yellows. As I said anything and anyone could be your yellow. Some people have even named their favorite flowers as their yellows. It’s completely upon you.

 My Yellow Meaning Explained

My Yellow refers to “the best person or thing you have in your life”. It basically means something or someone that completes you and makes your life worth living. This definition holds true only in the TikTok world.

As a matter of fact, Urban Dictionary says yellow is a color. That’s all. So, if someone is not a TikTok user, you must not use “my yellow” to refer to your soulmate because it’s a definition that’s only valid on TikTok.

In general terms, my yellow would mean poop as people have a tradition of referring to poop as yellow snow. So, you have to be careful to give people some context before using this word. You can share a few of these Tiktoks and then after they understand the context, they will understand truly what you want to say.

Here’s another TikTok user sharing his yellow to the whole world. It’s his brother with Downs Syndrome. It’s such a positive thing that trends like this is painting positive light on issues that are discussed in TikTok and the internet in general.

How To Make “My Yellow” Videos On TikTok?

Follow these instructions if you want to make “my yellow” videos on TikTok:

  1. First of all, open the TikTok app and import pictures there from your phone.
  2. Set transition effects between those pictures and add the caption “Here’s my yellow” or something like that. You can also show a video of “Your Yellow” as opposed to pictures- it’s your choice.
  3. Don’t forget to use this remix version of “Yellow” by Coldplay.
  4. Post the video with the appropriate hashtags.

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