What Does ‘Not The Banyang’ on TikTok Mean?

What Does ‘Not The Banyang’ on TikTok Mean?

What Does ‘Not The Banyang’ on TikTok Mean?

TikTok is yet again filled with a new trend called “Not the Banyang”. There are so many crazy trends and challenges on TikTok that keeps popping up on a daily basis and seriously if you go even a single day without surfing on TikTok, chances are you might have missed at least one popular trend and you will start to wonder why is everyone making the similar videos and what exactly is this trend.

Well, a similar thing happened for many of us when we first watched this “Not the Banyang/ Bayang” trend on TikTok. So, if you are also wondering what exactly is this ‘Not the Banyang’ trend on TikTok then you are in the right place. Here is everything we know about this funny viral challenge on TikTok.

What Does ‘Not The Banyang’ on TikTok Mean?

Before moving on to know what does ‘Not the Banyang’ means, you should first know what “Banyang” exactly is. This word “Banyang”, or “Bayang” is a slang word which basically means “Bangs”. You know, those short hair on the forehead? Yeah, you get it now.

This slang word Banyang is coined by TikTok users and the phrase “Not the Banyang” is used to express your hate towards bangs. So Not the Bangyang on TikTok means you are saying no to the bangs.

Creative TikTok users make videos by cutting their hair into funny bangs or just dancing in front of the pictures of celebrities with bangs.


not the BAYANG ##fyp ##greenscreen GO FOLLOW MY IG AND YOUTUBE‼️

♬ original sound – itsjustnyissa

This TikTok user named “@vibin.wit.tay”  has received over 2.3 million views, and about 560K likes and comments through this video in which he dances in front of the pictures of celebrities with bangs that look, well, kinda funny.

Who made the original video on “Not the Banyang”?

The trend on TikTok #Notthebanyang started because of a song by a TikTok creator @itsjustnyissa. On July 13, this TikTok user posted a video on her TikTok where she describes her loathe toward the hair-bangs by singing passionately in her car.


##voiceeffects Not The BANYANNNG 😂😂💀💀aye run this upppppp😂 😂❗️❗️❗️ ##comedy ##fyp ##xyzbca ##foryou

♬ original sound – itsjustnyissa

This video and her song became viral in no time because the lyrics of her song is so funny and catchy. Many of the TikTok users have already made a lyrical video out of this song. You can watch it here.

The original video of “Not the Bangyang” by the creator has over 9.6 million views and more than 1.6 million likes until now.

But her video is not the one that is on-trend. Actually, her video has nothing to do with the trend, it is her song that got popular. The “Not the Banyang” trend uses this song but the video creativity level is way high. In the videos that are getting viral on TikTok, many users are making fun of people with bangs or some joke about their own bangs in their videos and dance in a hilarious way to the music.

There are over 162K videos on this sound and most of these videos joke about bangs in a playful manner. Who would have thought that so many people hate the idea of having bangs which is one of the popular topics for beauty enthusiasts and hair stylists?


😭😭😭 ##fyp ##notthebayang ##fypg ##xyzbca ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – itsjustnyissa

Such videos on “Not the bangyang” has now reached other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram also. It just makes me wonder, what new and funny trend would TikTok bring the next day.

How to make the “Not The Banyang” video?

If you also want to make a video on “Not the Banyang”, then just follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Search for Not the bang yang by – itsjustnyissa.
  3. Then start making a video.
  4. Keep the pictures of people with funny bangs as a background slideshow and show off your dancing skills.
  5. You may also cut your own hair/ wig into bangs while on this sound clip. 

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