What Does Owa Owa Mean On TikTok? Owa Owa Meme Meaning Explained

What Does Owa Owa Mean On TikTok? Owa Owa Meme Meaning Explained

What Does Owa Owa Mean On TikTok? Owa Owa Meme Meaning Explained

What does Owa Owa mean on TikTok? Well, TikTok is a popular social media where anybody can be a hot topic to talk about. In this case, it’s Pudgy, a dog who is well-known for producing ‘Owa Owa’ noise on TikTok. 

If you wish to follow the dog on TikTok, you can find it under the username of @pudgywoke. Surprisingly, the dog has received a total of 6.9 million followers already which is definitely more than a lot of social media personalities.

What Does Owa Owa Mean On TikTok?

If you have been wondering what Owa Owa means, let us tell you that Owa Owa is simply the sound produced by the social media influencer dog named Pudgy. Well, the dog instantly came into the limelight after one of his videos went viral on TikTok.

Really, Pudgy has proven that anything in this world can be popular with the help of TikTok. The irony is that the dog has no idea that he has so many followers in this world, all thanks to a mobile application!

Owa Owa Meme Meaning Explained:

So, if you go viral on social media, it is sure that you are going to be a meme at some point in time. Similar is the case with Pudgy the dog whose ability to produce Owa Owa has been a meme. 

The meme started when Pudgy started biting the earphone of his owner and when he started to bark, it sounded as if he was saying ‘Owa Owa’. Now, people recognize the dog as Owa Owa rather than his original name Pudgy

TikTok’s ‘Owa Owa’ & Pudgywoke Viral Videos Explained:

If you really wish to know what happened in the video, you can watch it below. Now, TikTok’s ‘Owa Owa’ dog is probably the one with the most followers on TikTok – thanks to that viral video!


#Pudgywoke #Foryoupage #Foryou #Fyp


Apart from that particular video, Pudgywoke‘s account is filled with fun videos that will surely be loved by all the dog lovers. In fact, Pudgy‘s TikTok videos have already earned 170.3 million likes. 

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