What Does Peg Mean In TikTok? PEG Slang Meaning In Text and Urban Dictionary

What Does Peg Mean In TikTok? PEG Slang Meaning In Text and Urban Dictionary

What Does Peg Mean In TikTok? PEG Slang Meaning In Text and Urban Dictionary

What Does Peg Mean In TikTok? PEG is a slang word that’s gaining a lot of attention in the TikTok videos because of a small movement created by women. Women are urging other girls to peg all the men. So let’s explore what all this means.

PEG is not an acronym for anything. It is a word that is well defined in a normal dictionary and the same meaning is shown in the Urban Dictionary. TikTok is a hub for new trends and I am not surprised that the girls have started this trend in 2020 because they want to get rid of patriarchy so much.

This trend might not be as literal as you would think. They might not be asking you girls out there to peg your boyfriends or other men but it’s the idea of strengthening women and forcing the patriarchy to value the women. Let’s just say this is an idiosyncratic feministic TikTok movement.


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What Does Peg mean On TikTok?

Peg is a word that has existed for quite some time and TikTok’s Peg is the same word we have been using all this time. Basically, Peg refers to the sexual activity where a girl puts a strap on dildo and anally penetrates her partner.


This picture made my brain go 🙂 ##pegallmen2020 ##cordelia ##feminism ##bi

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It’s an equal opportunity sex act and a lot has been written about it. Explore the idea of Peg through this article if you want to understand more about it. This is the normal meaning of PEG.

However, there’s another meaning of Peg as well. In other contexts, peg refers to the act of having casual sex. Especially young people use peg in this context and you can see Tiktok videos as well. Just the act of having sex can be referred to as “pegging”.

These are the two meanings of the word “Peg” and both of these have used vehemently on TikTok lately.

PEG Slang Meaning In Text and Urban Dictionary

Peg has been included in the Urban Dictionary and the top definition there says peg is an act of lovemaking that involves women anally penetrating her partner with a strap on dildo. This is the definition that was in number 1.

Around in number 14, there was another meaning that said pegging refers to the act of casual sex between 2 individuals. When you are using this word in texting, you could be meaning any of these 2 meanings.

However, I have to say the more popular definition is the first one. You could say, “I want to peg her” and that would mean you just want to have sex with the girl. However, if you say “Jennifer pegs her boyfriend”, it means that Jennifer has been giving her boyfriend some passionate strap on action.

What Does Peg Mean In Social Media, Snapchat And TikTok?

In TikTok, Snapchat, or other social media, peg refers to the same thing. Sometimes it could mean an idea of having casual sex but predominantly it means an action where a guy is anally penetrated by a strap-on dildo.

There are many videos on TikTok that have been using the hashtag “#pegallmen2020” lately. To be accurate, the videos that have used this hashtag have been viewed for over 49.2 million times.


Reply to @diephag help me understand what this means ##lgbt ##lesbian ##pride ##pegallmen2020 ##lgbtmemes

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Most of these videos are girls and guys calling out toxic masculinity. Society really looks down at feminine nature and this hashtag can be referred to as people who want to celebrate feminine nature fight back against that.



I’m sorry ##peg ##pegallmen2020 ##peghawks2020 ##fyp

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It’s a wonderful conversation to have because it’s talking about women and how masculinity and feminity are perceived in the world.

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