What Does Sadge Mean On Twitch? Sadge Meaning Explained

What Does Sadge Mean On Twitch? Sadge Meaning Explained

What Does Sadge Mean On Twitch? Sadge Meaning Explained

“Sadge” is a part of the series on Twitch Emotes which means sad or sorrowful. This emotes called “Sadge” is frequently used by various Twitch streamers and Twitch audiences.

Prior to that, this “Sadge”‘ emote is generally used on Twitch in chats. But, nowadays, it also appears in memes all over memes page. Some of the various YouTube stars like Kian 22, Redditor SnoopyPilot, Cerms have also posted a meme depicting Sadge emoticon to the r/fosen sub which has received several votes.

What Does Sadge Mean On Twitch?

Basically, Sade is a Copypasta, Emoticon, or a Reaction used on a social media platform called Twitch.  Basically, it is an emote used on Twitch for depicting a version of Pepe the Frog with a meaning of sad, disappointed, or sorrowful.

Recently, on Twitch, “Sadge” was submitted to BetterTTV by user Redshell on January 3, 2020. “Sadge” emoji is also used by some notable Twitch streamers like xQc and others.


Sadge Origin and Meaning Explained

“Sadge” is originated from the Twitch platform. Firstly, it is used to be an image of Pepe the Frog. This particular version of Pep the Frog is an edit of Feels Badd Man/Sad Frog which appeared in a 4chan on January 22, 2009. As per BetterTTV’s statistics, this emote is used in 943 different channels.

This emoji went to be famous in the 2020s when this emote was used in a large amount on Twitch, and it was also added to additional channels by AdmiralBulldog’s and Frosen’s communities.

Moreover, The “Sadge” emote was added on FrankerFace on January 14, 2020, by user vicneeel and also used in more than 2.4k sets. Apart from that, this emoji is also used by different professional gamers, YouTubers, and also Redditors. In addition, while playing Valorant, It is also commonly used on Top id on Ascent, where that attacker will usually jump pee the box to bait the OPer, on Split for the defender.



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