What Does Share Copy Link Do On TikTok? Share Copy Link Meaning Explained

What Does Share Copy Link Do On TikTok? Share Copy Link Meaning Explained

What Does Share Copy Link Do On TikTok? Share Copy Link Meaning Explained

What does Share Copy Link do on Tik Tok? This has been a topic that’s chased Tik Tokers for a while and there are rumors that using this trick will make your videos to be ranked higher by the Tik Tok algorithm thus increasing your exposure but we aren’t sure. Nobody knows the Tik Tok algorithm fully well but hashtags are the way to define a niche and exposure for your videos.

People are using #sharecopylink on their Tik Tok videos and it is blowing up on Tik Tok as we speak. There are already 240 million views on videos that have used this “#copylink” hashtag. A while ago there was a popular hashtag known as #xyzba that was trending on Tik Tok and people said the reason for that was the algorithm favored videos with that hashtag. This hashtag is also an attempt to gain more exposure by being ranked higher by the Tik Tok algorithm.


am i wrong😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##xyzbca ##viral ##wii ##wiisports ##funny ##meme ##streets ##dank ##copylink ##pleaseshare

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This is one of the videos with hashtag “#copylink” and there are no rules to what kind of videos have this hashtag. All kinds of videos have been featured on Tik Tok which has this hashtag.

What Does Share Copy Link Do On Tik Tok?

As the name suggests, the share copy link option is used to share the link of your Tik Tok video to someone else. You can do it and anyone else who can view your video can copy the link and then share it.


There are rumors around the internet where people are saying that when a user clicks the share button and then the “Copy Link” button, the Tik Tok algorithm assumes that the video has been shared. Regardless of the video being actually shared or not; if you copy the link of the video, it will apparently assume that the video is being shared.

Now if the algorithm has seen that your video is being shared more, it will be ranked as more popular video and will appear on people’s feed more often. That is what people believe Share Copy Link does on Tik Tok- make their videos more exposed by increasing its rank in the Tik Tok algorithm. However, nobody knows Tik ok algorithm that well and I would have to say that people are doing this because everybody else is doing it.


Facts or nah?🧐 ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##sharecopylink ##theboys ##fortheboyz

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Share Copy Link Meaning Explained

Share Copy Link is a term that’s used not only in Tik Tok but on most of the social media sites. You can copy the link of the Facebook post and share that. Instagram, Google Drive, and YouTube are also popular sites that use this process.

Any video or content that you can access from a server via the internet has a unique address called “URL address”. One can copy this URL and it is more popularly called copying the link of the content. Then, if you share that copied link to another person by pasting it to their message, they can access the same content as well.

So, that’s the simple concept of Share Copy Link. It is the process of sharing content you like by copying the URL link of the post, picture, a file on the internet, or any web-based applications. Tik Tok definitely has this option available.

How To Share Copy Link On Tik Tok?


bro he’s so good at finding me ##looping ##loop ##sharecopylink ##blowthisup ##share ##makethisgoviral ##duet ##makethisgoviral ##fyp ##foryou

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How To Share Copy Link? That’s a question some people who aren’t that much of a Tik Tok user might ask and don’t worry- I will teach you how to share the copy link of the TikTok video.

  1. Watch the video and click on the “share” option on the video. it’s represented by an arrow.
  2. After doing that, there are options available to share it directly on Facebook, Twitter, embed options, and copy options.
  3. Click on the “Copy” option. This will have copied the link of that tik Tok video.
  4. Now, paste the link to someone or paste it on our social media sites to share the link.

This is the simple method to share the copy link of any Tik Tok video.


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