What Does Sky Daddy Mean? Sky Daddy Meme Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does Sky Daddy Mean? Sky Daddy Meme Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does Sky Daddy Mean? Sky Daddy Meme Meaning Explained

The new term is getting viral on social media called “Sky Daddy.” If you’re longing to know about it, perhaps this is the best place for you. 

One should probably invent a separate dictionary just to keep words and phrases that get made up on social media only. People say something that doesn’t make sense and soon, it becomes a national language all over the world. Welcome to the world of social media trends. 

Such incidents are especially popular on TikTok. Given the attitude of TikTok users, which comprises teenagers for most parts, slang and memes are circulated very quickly through TikTok. After all, the video networking site has over 800 Million active users. And the best part is that they don’t get bored. There is no shortage of content on TikTok, making it more fun than ever. 

If you lay a gaze, memes, and trends have played quite an important role in the success of social media. Such challenges can be so engaging for stubborn teenagers. They don’t want to let go. But if you can gain popularity through creativity, why back off? And TikTok provides the best platform for creative users. 

Hence, the latest thing to set fire on social media is the term “Sky Daddy.” It was used by a TikTok user outside an abortion clinic and now almost everyone knows about it. So do you? If you don’t, you are about to anyway.

TikTok: What Does Sky Daddy Mean?

If you are looking for literal meaning, “sky daddy” should mean someone who is in the sky and who takes care of us. And your guess is correct. The term “Sky Daddy” implies the god almighty. 


sky daddy 😇🙏🏻😈 ##christok

♬ original sound – reiley

Speaking of the origin of the phrase, it is first used by a TikTok user called @loveurmother. The video consists of a heated argument between two people outside an abortion clinic. One of them is a pro-lifer and another one is a pro-choice volunteer. 

Upon exaggeration, one of them says, “But that’s loving her, by calling her a coward? Really,”

However, the volunteer hits back with, “Because they’re making the best decision that they can in their situation and you’re trying to make them feel bad about it. So go off, Jennifer. Is that the validation you want from sky daddy? Calling people a coward?” She also says, “Shut the f**k up” at the beginning. 

But that’s not what has caught people’s attention. It’s the mention of sky daddy that people found amusing. The implication of god by the phrase “Sky daddy” was something of a meme for users. Hence, it got viral in no time. 

The video itself is trending. It has acquired millions of views already on TikTok and has been shared on many other websites. The video has over 1.5 million likes and more than 20k comments already. 

Sky Daddy Meme Meaning Explained

It is not a surprise that users have started making memes that include “sky daddy” after the video went viral. That’s how social media works. But the memes are really funny and is making quite an impression on Twitter and Reddit. People are saying that they would use the word “sky daddy” for the rest of their life to address god. 

If you try to see the meaning of “sky daddy” on Urban Dictionary, there’s not much you’ll find. As per Urban Dictionary, its meaning is “Euphemism for God.”

Nevertheless, the memes are quite fun. Now that you know, you can share those memes with your friends and loved ones. Check whether they are aware of the latest social media trend or not?


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