What Does Soup For My Family On TikTok Mean? Soup For My Family Meme Explained

What Does Soup For My Family On TikTok Mean? Soup For My Family Meme Explained

What Does Soup For My Family On TikTok Mean? Soup For My Family Meme Explained

Soup for my Family is a new Tiktok trend that’s been going viral because of Donald Trump. Trump has said many things during his presidency and this was the meme-worthy content that people on Tiktok had been looking for. As soon as they got it, they took a chance and made a trend out of it.

 “Soup for my family” is a meme and a really funny one. I think its funny because of the pointlessness in it. It makes no sense whatsoever when Trump says it. We are no stranger to times when Trump is ridiculed but this is not genuine ridicule. People just are making this meme because it’s funny.

Yes, that’s right! He said that. I do not know in what context but I am certain that there are no contexts where one has to talk about anarchists shooting soup at cops.

What Does Soup For My Family On TikTok Mean?

Soup for my Family is a meme that uses Donald Trump’s speech as an audio background. Teenagers are going al for this challenge as they lip-sync and act out the situation described by Donald Trump.


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♬ soup for my family – Natalia

This is just what most of these videos are. Some people just lip-sync to his audios and post the video. Some people, however, get a little creative and bring different soups and make a video.

In some of the videos, we see multiple people saying the words and making a video. People who are against Donald Trump are making videos like this. This trend is getting really popular as the election date is near in the USA.

There has been a total of 2.6 million views in videos that have used the hashtag “soupformyfamily” on TikTok and with time, this number is only going to rise up.

The memes have spread to YouTube as well!

Soup For My Family Meme Explained

Believe it or not but Soup for my Family is one of the very political memes on TikTok. Tiktok has been politicized right now in the USA by the president and his officials.

However, I am referring to the users- Tiktok users have made a lot of political content lately and this meme is a continuation of that.

The audio which Trump was speaking was that of a speech he made against the protesters in the “BLM” movement. It was his little way of discrediting the protestors. If you listen to the audio, you will know what he is saying clearly.


##greenscreen ##fyp ##potus ##soupformyfamily

♬ soup for my family – Natalia

However, I am going to be thorough and explain all that to you. Trump claims that the people who are in these protests are sabotaging things and destroying whatever is on their way.

And he also claims that these people use soups and throw the cans to the police. According to him, if confronted, these people are just going to say, “Oh! This Soup…this soup is for my family. I was just passing by..”

People can’t really believe that. That is why they are making fun of Donald Trump when he said that. People are throwing soup cans in their videos are just trying to highlight that one couldn’t significantly hurt the police by throwing a can of soup.


This lady at the left is all of us when Trump is saying people are throwing soups to hurt police.

Donald Trump, Soup and Race In America

Behind this meme is a really grim picture of America where officials have marginalized people of African American identity and suppressed them systematically or by brute force. 

For a president to discredit all protestors as anarchists and use a soup can as a way to make a joke out of the serious protests is not the best thing for a country. But, this meme is funny at least. 

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