What Does The Pizza Emoji Mean On TikTok? Pizza Symbol Meaning

What Does The Pizza Emoji Mean On TikTok? Pizza Symbol Meaning

What Does The Pizza Emoji Mean On TikTok? Pizza Symbol Meaning

Tiktok is recently flooded with the pizza emojis. What is the reason for using the pizza emoji on TikTok? What does it mean? Know everything about the pizza emoji trend that is getting viral on TikTok. Finally Explained! 

I mean, it is not a new thing, a certain thing getting trending on social media. Or if spoken more specifically, TikTok. What’s really intriguing is the variety and versatility of the trends that go viral every other day. How can anything be so fresh every other day? It does, on TikTok. 

The video networking community is basically based on teenagers and similar youths. And they are someone who possesses a tremendous amount of creativity and it is being reflected every day on TikTok. As a result, it makes social media experience more entertaining and engaging. 

Speaking of entertainment, the basic forms of entertainment on TikTok are trends. Starting from cracking the code of the latest elections to the impersonation of Donald Trump, TikTok has not let anyone down. After all, it is the second most downloaded android application in the year 2019. 

Tracking down the most recent trends on TikTok, we have come to the famous and interesting pizza emoji trend that seems to be the prime source of entertainment these days, on the video networking site. 

So what is the reason for using pizza emoji on TikTok? What does it signify? Who started the trend? If your mind is going crazy thinking about this stuff, it’s time to relax. Fasten up the seat belt as we bring the remedy to your curiousness. 

Here is everything you need to know about the pizza emoji. 


I think I look like a greasy pepperoni 🍕Comment the pizza emoji as many times as you can!😂 ##g6filter ##wilkingsisters ##bling ##oopsmyheartwent

♬ My Heart Went Oops – Tiagz

What Does The Pizza Emoji Mean On TikTok?

The pizza emoji is mostly seen to be written on comments. There are a lot o famous creators who uploaded the video just to encourage their fans to comment as much pizza emojis as they can. There could be a lot of reasons for doing so. 

First of all, many of the TikTokers are speculating it as a publicity stunt. If a video has a lot of comments, it gets popped up on the wall of a lot of users. Hence, the creator gains a lot of popularity. I mean, It isn’t a bad way to get famous, is it? After all, social media has been all about getting popularity recently. 

However, others suggest that pizza emoji is used to spread love among TikTok users. Now, Who doesn’t love pizza? Don’t you? Well, you don’t have to read this article if you don’t like pizza. Yes, everybody loves pizza. Hence, in a way, the TikTok creators have used pizza as a sign of love.


Who likes PIZZA drop the pizza emoji ! JOIN THE LIVEV##foryou ##skatelikethis ##instaxmeback ##comedy ##dramaqueen ##greenscreengaming

♬ original sound – lilbankkkk


And lastly, it may have a simple stereotypical meaning as everything does. People do love pizza and if they love pizza, they comment pizza emoji. It is as simple as that. Because there are a lot of videos that went like, “If you love pizza, comment the pizza emoji.” 

But that is not so TikTok creators to have the direct meaning of things. They really like to make a grand gesture of small things and that has been a key part of their success as well. Hence, the meaning of the pizza emoji may be any of the above-mentioned explanations. 

What does the Pizza signify on TikTok?

Pizza is always a trend on TikTok. Hence, this is not the first time people are talking about pizza. Ever since the inception of TikTok, Pizza has been used to symbolize love. 

So, send a pizza emoji to your loved ones and surprise them with this new trend as this trend is popular on Instagram and Snapchat as well. 

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