What Does Time Council 1265 Mean? 1265 Time Capsule Meaning

TikTok: What Does Time Council 1265 Mean? 1265 Time Capsule Meaning

TikTok: What Does Time Council 1265 Mean? 1265 Time Capsule Meaning

Time Capsule 1265 is a new topic addressed by a TikTok video and people are scared as well as very much fascinated about. TikTok is home to videos of different kinds- funny, educating, marketing, and just weird as well. This video looks like a conspiracy theory and many people have reacted to it.

Some people are really freaked out by it whereas some people are not so concerned about it. No matter what, people have noticed this video. The video has garnered 624 thousand likes and about 19 thousand comments.


ok I had classical music playing on the radio and this interrupted it and kept playing over the top of it on a loop can someone help???????

♬ original sound – snackquarius

@snackquarius uploaded this video yesterday and made a claim that her radio was interrupted as she was listening to classical music. She was looking for some help. The video has a very serious tone and I think it’s not real. If it was real, more people would have intercepted the message and the world would be alerted.

What Does Time Council 1265 mean On TikTok?

Time Council is an account which has been making videos about a message from the year 1265. The channel apparently has no videos available currently. But Time Council was a TikTok account that made a video about time capsule messages.

1265 Time Capsule Meaning

First of all, the time capsule is something that makes you remember about a time that had already passed. A time capsule can be a song or an object that makes you remember about that specific time period. An electronic synth sound can be considered a time capsule from the 80s. Motown songs can be a time capsule from the 70s and so on.

1265 Time Capsule has gone viral on TikTok because of a video that went viral and said that the message was from the year 1265. People had been making videos about time capsule before that.


A trip through Paris France, in late 1890s Part 2 ##paris ##1900s ##early1900 ##historical ##vintagefilm ##belleepoque ##fromthepast ##timecapsule

♬ original sound – lifearchives

This video is a time capsule from the 1890s in Paris that is supposed to make you feel like you are in that place at that time. 

@snackquarius Videos About Radio Interception

@snackquarius made a video where her radio picked up differently signal and apparently transmitted the message about 1265. People were saying that the video is fake but some people didn’t believe that. 

@snackquarius made it clear that she had not played that audio knowingly on her radio and she was really freaked out because the radio was actually interrupted. 

However, I would like to argue that the video is indeed fake. If you get an FM transmitter, you could put the audio of your choice on the radio and make it appear as if the radio was really interrupted.

What does @snackquarius have to say about that? Well, see it for yourself:


update: I am alive and I still have no clue what’s going on but I’ll keep u posted! ##fyp

♬ original sound – snackquarius

She said that she still has no clue and was staying at her friend’s house. She has promised to update her followers about what would happen. Some people are seriously believing this and following the story. I guess one is free to be as naive as one wants to.

People had been talking about something horrible is going to happen on August 27th and this video was released on August 27 as well. Some people are really writing a time travel plot like they are Christopher Nolan and going to great lengths to convince people that they have been messaged by people from the year 1265.

Is The TikTok Video About 1265 Time Capsule Real?

First of all, if the video was indeed a time capsule from 1265, it had no way of saying that. The language and the way the woman spoke was very 21st century like.

I think it’s just a Tiktok video and something fun and definitely we haven’t been contacted by people from 800 years ago. And I am sure because, if we had been contacted by people from 1265, Pentagon would have been dealing with this- not TikTok.

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