What Does WAP Mean On TikTok? Wap Slang Meaning Explained

What Does WAP Mean On TikTok? Wap Slang Meaning Explained

What Does WAP Mean On TikTok? Wap Slang Meaning Explained

A slang called “WAP” seems to be getting all the possible attention on TikTok. However, half of the users don’t even know what it means. Here is the proper explanation of the TikTok slang on what does it mean and how it was started. 

TikTok has become the home for the new social media slangs. The slangs which have started from Twitter during the early days of the popularity of social networking sites have reached a different level now. Then, they were used as a code and unique language of communication within social media. 

But as of now, the slangs are more often turned into trends and everyone is performing it. Some of them do not know what it means but are following other users. Well. sometimes you have to do that to protect your social media integrity, don’t you?

It is because social media is entirely a different world now. You have different names, different identities, lifestyles, and personalities as well. Perhaps, that’s what makes it so special. 

First things first, we are here to know about the latest TikTok slang, WAP. Now you are not eligible for reading explicit content, you should probably close the tab. Just saying that the slang consists of some explicit and sexual explanation. 


Had to remind y’all who I am 😌🔥 ##fyp ##dance ##foryoupage ##viral ##king ##wap @iamcardib @theestallion 💕💕💕

♬ WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

What Does WAP Mean On TikTok?

WAP on TikTok stands for Wet Ass and Pussy. The slang has a total explicit meaning which would be described as sexually disturbing by some group of people. However, that is the slang that is getting viral on the video networking site. 

However, there are a lot of videos that are made with the hashtag #WAP on TikTok. The hashtag has gathered more than 300 Million views already within a week or so. So, one would say the slang is sacking up the users’ attention on the media. 

The hashtag has been used by several popular TikTok creators. Hence, the slang went viral in no time. But did it start from TikTok? No. I don’t think so. So, How did the word “WAP” go viral? 


and that’s on being a lowkey freak 😗 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##cardib ##wap ##megantheestallion

♬ original sound – e.d.b4

From where did the WAP slang start?

Matter of fact, the slang started from a song by Cardi B. Actually, it is the name of the song. The song was out on youtube on August 6, 2020. And in no time, it started carving its ways to TikTok and other social media sites. 

It has been quite a trend, a newly released song getting viral on TikTok. TikTok is responsible for the success of the songs like Death Bed by powfu and Perfect by Norton.

As for this song, the total song seems a little explicit and the lyrics are no different. If you want to know the lyrics of the song, WAP, here is a lyrical video you can start with. 

Hence, the TikTok videos are mostly made on the Cardi B song along with the hashtag. However, there are a lot of explanation and disclaimer videos on TikTok about this song. Looks like the slang is getting up to quite an audience. 

Moreover, the 18+ slangs are not a new thing on TikTok. With the slangs like hoe and ghetto getting popularity all around the social media, TikTok users came out with another one. And this one seems to have captivated the users the same as the others. 

One user wrote on Twitter, “You can tell by the way she walks, she has got that WAP.” 


run me my money!!!! ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##wap

♬ original sound – mohamadzoror

Furthermore, the slang seems to be used frequently on other social networking sites as well. The users of Instagram and Snapchat have also made their encounters with the slang and are found using it very frequently during recent times. Looks like WAP is getting fame all over. Good for it. 




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