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What Does “Is Typing” Mean On TikTok? It is the platform’s newest trend that has taken over social media. A meme and a video trend that is spreading like wildfire. 

While the use of the term may be simple, the creativity of TikTokers has managed to give the trend a new twist in their own way. Learn more about the new viral trend. 

What Does The “Is Typing” Trend Mean On TikTok?

The phrase has become a way to show that someone is going to retaliate to a recent event that has targeted them, these events include the victim being called out, a diss track, an insult, etc. 

A name is used in front of it depending on who has been insulted, for example, “Jerry is typing”. While it may seem like a phrase that supports the recent victim, it is used to mock them. 

On TikTok, the phrase is being used on comment sections especially against white guys. As a matter of fact, the trend became popular after a video with the caption “Every time I catch a white guy staring at me I wonder does he find me cute or does he want me out of this country.” had the comment section filled with comments like “racist white guy is typing”.

Similarly, traditionally white names like Kyle (used on social media to show someone who is the most typically white guy), Chad (ultimate white bro), etc also flooded the comment section. 

The phrase immediately became a shot at White extremists and supremacists.

The trend is different as the comments are the star element rather than the video itself. This also means that only users who have an account can read the comments and enjoy the challenge.

Usually, the creators feature the subject they are targeting on their videos. Like, shots of New York are featured on the “Is typing” challenge New York edition.

Similarly, stereotypical Karens are featured on videos of creators targeting them.  

This “is typing” trend is similar to the “left the chat” trend. That trend was also focused on the comments. 

Other Uses Of The Phrase On TikTok

The “is typing” videos have been used extensively since the first video, rather than the video itself, the comment section of these videos is the main attraction. 


ib: random.spammm0. get creative 💅🏽##ChiliDogYum ##fypシ ##hoodediton ##istyping ##summer2020 ##gimmelove

♬ original sound – jacobsartorius

TikTokers have given their own twist on the phrase and post videos showing a certain type of person or place and place text on the video telling fans to “do the ‘is typing’ but *this* edition”. The *this* on the caption is obviously replaced by the thing they are trying to target. 

Former memes have also been targeted by the creators, in fact, the Karen meme is one of the most targeted ones by the “is typing” meme. Similarly, the hood edition of the phrase has also become popular on TikTok. 


dont be shy comment 😭 ##fyp ##draft ##istyping ##ChiliDogYum ##foryoupage ##fypシ ##foru ##PremiosJuventudChallenge ##bayarea ##yayarea ##viral ##trend ##foryou

♬ Stillthinkboutyou – yulissaaaxoxo

Similarly, stoners have also been the punchlines of jokes for decades and it is no different on TikTok where there are multiple videos where creators urge their fans to do the challenge stoner edition. 

Another way to do the challenge is telling viewers to comment on some cities. New York has been a famous city to target for the new trend.

How Popular Is The Trend?

As of August 2020, the trend has gone viral and has attracted a decent amount of viewers. These videos also have a lot of engagement due to the comment section. 


Lol i reAlly thought tik tok was getting banned- ##GimmeLove ##ReadingList ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzbca ##foryou ##viral ##istyping ##ghetto

♬ TKN – ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

Its hashtag (#istyping) has over 286.5k views. Most of the videos have also gotten thousands of views. Not only on TikTok, but the trend has gone viral on other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. 



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