What Happened To Bill Cosby Face? Health Update And Illness

What Happened To Bill Cosby Face? Health Update And Illness

What Happened To Bill Cosby Face? Health Update And Illness

What Happened To Bill Cosby Face? Bill had a smile on his face during a mugshot in prison. Know his health update and illness.

Bill is a former stand-up comedian and actor. His conviction related to several sex offenses was overturned recently.

What Happened To Bill Cosby Face?

Bill Cosby’s face had a grin in his mugshot in prison.

Nothing has happened to Bill Cosby’s face so far. His mugshot released in October 2020 made some discussions on Facebook.

Cosby had a mask hanging off his face as he smiled for a mugshot. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections took the picture as a part of their routine picture update.

As a matter of fact, Bill was convicted of three counts of felony sex assaults in April 2018. Following that, he had to face a sentence of three to ten years in state prison.

However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his conviction in June 2021. They mentioned the conviction was based on tainted testimony. He is set to be released from prison soon.

Not to mention, Bill allegedly drugged and assaulted Constand in 2004. He received the charges in 2015. Besides, he also has several sexual assaults accusations against him that date back to 1965.

Bill Cosby Health Update and Illness

Bill Cosby health update in 2019 indicated he had a mental illness.

Cosby had reportedly asked for his daughter, who died in February 2018. Actually, he had inquired how his daughter Ensa was doing.

Besides, Bill suffered a stroke in 2019. That led Cosby to have surgery to save his life. Actually, he had blockages in his left and right carotid arteries, which were cleared successfully.

After his surgery, Bill was cleared of the potential stroke he could face. In addition, he currently takes medication related to high blood pressure.

Also, the arteries that suffered blockage are responsible for fetching blood to the brain, neck, and face. He went through a couple of surgeries separately. 

Is Bill Cosby Blind?

Bill Cosby is completely blind.

Cosby suffers from glaucoma that damaged his optical nerves taking away his vision. 

Besides, it is not clear how Bill suffered from the condition. 

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