What Happened To Highway Thru Hell Cast?

Who Is Ken Monkhouse? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Ken Monkhouse? Everything You Need To Know

Ken Monkhouse obituary has flooded the internet after he died at the age of 64 last year. Many people were expressing their grief of his death and love towards him.

Let us learn his Wikipedia and every other possible thing in the article below. 

Ken was a Highway Thru Hell tow operator. He was in this show since 2012. 

He was a very much loved cast of the show. Last year he died, and many people were shocked by the news of his death. 

As fast as news got published, the internet was flooded with people’s condolence message for him. 

Ken Monkhouse Age: How Old Was He?

Ken Monkhouse was 58 years old when he died.

He was born in 1962. 

Even in his late fifties, he was an energetic operator. He was operating trucks for a long time before he joined the show. 

Is Ken On Wikipedia?

Ken Monkhouse’s information is not available on Wikipedia. 

He was a tow truck operator. He was a cast member of the Canadian-based reality tv show Highway Thru Hell.

He was working there since 2012. He was a loved guy by his castmates and show fans. He used to drive the truck in Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia.

News of his death was announced on 24 May 2020.

What Happened To Highway Thru Hell Cast?

The Highway Thru Hell cast, Ken Monkhouse, died of a heart attack on 24 May 2020.

The show Highway Thru Hell had announced his death on the other day of his death. He was reported to be dead on the night of 24 May 2020. 

A website called Legacy had published his obituary. Lots of people were expressing their condolence for him on that page. 

His sudden death left many in extreme shock. His family was in extreme grief.

His cast member remembers him as a warm-hearted, humorous and generous person.

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