What happened to Kimberly Mays? Mother, Father Died, Instagram

What happened to Kimberly Mays?

What happened to Kimberly Mays?

After some media outlets published, Kim Mays’ biological family switched her at first, people have been wondering where she is now. In 2019, Kimberly Mays, or simply known as Kim Mays, became a national sensation after 20/20 published the news of her swap-at-birth.

Name Kimberly Mays
Birthday December 2, 1978
Age 41 years old
Gender Femal
Height 5 feet 5 inch approx.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Internet Personality
Siblings Regina Twigg
Married/Single Married
Children 6
Divorce Yes

On November 29, 1978, Barbara Mays gave birth to a baby girl named Arlena. Arlena had a severe heart condition from her birth. On December 2, 1978, Regina Twigg gave birth to her daughter, Kimberly. Kimberly was healthy.

Kimberly’s own parents switched her with Arena. Unfortunately, Arlena Twigg died at the age of 9. While Kimberly Mays still lives with her second husband and a few kids. 

10 Facts on Kimberly Mays

  1. Her biological mother, Regina Twigg is a school teacher. Her mother grew up in an orphanage and was later adopted by an undisclosed family.
  2. Bob Mays who raised Kim is married thrice. His first wife was Barbara Mays. Barbara Mays died after six months she gave birth to her child on November 29, 1978.
  3. After Barbara’s death, Bob Mays married a receptionist named Cindy Tanner. Cindy and Boby got divorced after 7 years of marriage. Later, he married Darlena Mays in the year 1990. Bob died in 2012. 
  4. Kimberly Mays, she is also married more than once. She was only 18 years old when she got married to her first husband with whom she had a son. Her son with the first husband is now all grown up.
  5. She is now married to her second husband. The identity of both of her husband is undisclosed. She has five children with her second husband.
  6. As of now, Kimberly Mays had given birth to six children with two husbands.
  7. Speaking to 20/20, Kimberly Mays revealed that she had a rough childhood. Her late father, Boy Mays, who raised her was very controlling. Also, the death of her mother, Barbara Mays had made a deep impact on her. 
  8. Kimberly has been open about her wish to complete her education. She often says, she wants to go back to school and earn her G.E.D.
  9. Born on December 2, 1978, Kimberly Mays is now 41 years old. 
  10. She lives in the United States with her second husband and her children. She is not on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

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