What Happened To Nalini Sharma CTV? Breast Cancer And Husband

What Happened To Nalini Sharma CTV? Breast Cancer Update

What Happened To Nalini Sharma CTV? Breast Cancer Update

What Happened To Nalini Sharma CTV? Nalini beat breast cancer as per the latest update. Know her husband and family.

Nalini is a Canadian journalist. She is mostly known for being a host of CTV News and its outlet.

Farewell: What Happened To Nalini Sharma CTV?

CTV gave a farewell to Nalini Sharma around a year ago.

She has been away from the network for this year for a treatment she had to undergo. Thus, she was not seen in the CTV News during the period.

In addition, Sharma was away from her weather department too. She took a break from her work for almost a year.

Meanwhile, Nalini has returned from her treatment and is ready to resume her work at CTV. In fact, she will appear to her fans soon.

Nalini Sharma Breast Cancer Update

Nalini Sharma suffered from breast cancer.

But Nalini gave the latest update on her disease some weeks ago. There she announced she is ultimately free from cancer.

In fact, Sharma proudly told her fans and well-wishers that she beat cancer. She feels completely different and not the same person anymore.

Nalini had to undergo the process of chemotherapy a year ago. The treatment process caused her hair to fall off.

In addition, she had around eight counts of repeated radiation and chemotherapy. Finally and thankfully, she beat her disease which she had been fighting for a year.

As a matter of fact, Sharma had constantly updated her treatment process during the course. Her fans and family were extremely worried for her.

Recently, she thanked her fans and followers for their support and prayers. They are eager to see her back at CTV News.

Who Is Nalini Sharma Husband?

Nalini Sharma’s husband has been out of radars till now.

There is not much information about her marital life. It is not clear to whom and when the reporter married.

Sharma raises a family of two children. She makes regular posts on her social media with her kids.

We have no clue why Nalini has not shared any information about her life partner.

Some suggest she has separated from her beau and is living a single life now. But nothing official is known yet.

How Old Is Nalini Sharma? Age Explored

Nalini Sharma’s age seems over 40 years old.

But the exact date of her birth remains a mystery for now. We guessed the above figure based on her appearance and personality.

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