What happened to Peter Hitchener? Illness And Health Update

Was Peter Hitchener Unwell? What Happened? Here’s A Health Update

Was Peter Hitchener Unwell? What Happened? Here’s A Health Update

Was Peter Hitchener unwell? What happened to Peter Hitchener tonight? Here’s his health update.

Peter Hitchener is a top-rated television presenter who has been working in the field since 1965. Currently, he is the chief news presenter at GTV-9. Before that, he used to work there as a weekend news presenter.

He has vast experience in writing, editing, and presenting news bulletins. Before his position at Nine Network, he had been providing his services for ABC Brisbane.

What happened to Peter Hitchener Tonight? Is He Unwell?

According to News Australia, Peter Hitchener fell unwell in the middle of his 6 pm live bulletin.

Then, he was replaced by another newsreader. 

While reading a piece of news tonight, he took a deep breath but couldn’t keep his ground. He fell silently amid trying to read the news he had started to read.

Clint Stanaway took his spot and confessed that Peter was unwell. Well, his lovers were much worried after he fell, and there were loads of tweets concerning his health.

Peter Hitchener Illness And Health Update

Peter Hitchener had actually experienced a migraine and is expected to return on March 30, 2021.

As of now, he has been taking a rest and is doing quite well.

Peter was thankful for all the messages he received on social media. He even replied on Twitter, where he has over 69.6 thousand followers.

A person suffering from this illness has speech and hearing issues resulting in partial paralysis or fainting. Maybe that’s the reason why Peter is unwell tonight.

Everything On Hitchener Worried Family 

Peter Hitchener’s family is definitely worried after he fainted in the middle of his show.

Well, they surely know about his migraine issues and are hopefully taking good care of him.

According to Married Biography, Peter has not got a wife. He is currently single, and hence, he probably does not have any children. However, we can confirm that his family members are all Australian.

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