What Happened To Quinton Griggs Leg? Is he Undergoing Surgery?

What Happened To Quinton Griggs Leg? Is he Undergoing Surgery?

What Happened To Quinton Griggs Leg? Is he Undergoing Surgery?

What Happened To Quinton Griggs Leg? If you have been following Quinton Griggs in his TikTok account and Instagram, you might have seen the latest video of him with a cast on his left leg.

Quinton Griggs has over 6 million followers on his TikTok account, and until recently he was posting his dancing videos. But today he posted a video saying “not walking anymore hahaha”. In that video, he is dancing, or trying to dance with just one leg and the other one has bandages all the way up to his thighs. Many fans have commented to get well soon, to take rest and not put pressure on his leg.

But what exactly happened to his leg and what kind of surgery he went to? Here is everything we know about Quinton Griggs’s leg’s condition.

Who is Quinton Griggs a.k.a qgriggs?

Quinton Griggs is a 17 years old TikTok star who has over 6 million followers. He was born in North Carolina on September 8, 2003.

Quinton started gaining fame through TikTok during the summer of 2019. The first video through which he became famous was Since its national girlfriends day” on DJ Regard song Ride it. 

He is most popularly known for his signature hairstyle colored with platinum blonde and black. He is also a member of the reputed TikTok Collab house, Sway House since 2020. However, it is said that he is going to leave Sway House and go to its spinoff, the Sway Gaming House. Currently, he is dating his fellow TikTok star Cynthia parker.


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What happened to Quinton’s leg?

Quinton was going live with his girlfriend Cynthia on July 30, 2020. Before coming live, he had posted a Snapchat picture in which we can see that he was in a hospital and had some kind of surgery.

In that live video, a concerned fan asked him, why he was in the hospital and he responded that he had to get knee surgery. And he lifted his leg up with his hand to show his operated leg covered with a cast. As we can see, the surgery went good and he is stable now. But he is not walking yet so he must need proper rest to get well soon.


not walking anymore Hahahaha

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The next day, he posted a TikTok video in which he is trying to dance with a single leg on the song “Still Softish”. That video has reached 3.5 million views and gained nearly a million likes within just 13 hours. Lots of fans have commented on it and wishing for him for a fast recovery.

Why Quinton underwent Surgery?

Quinton has not actually explained why he had to get the surgery. But fans have their own version of theories.

Some fans say that he was skating and fell down to cause injury in his leg and tore his medial collateral ligament that required urgent surgery. 

While some fans also say that Quinton had hurt his knee a while back when he had a fight with his friend and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall, who is also a member of the Sway house.  After that injury, his dancing videos were not much posted lately, and even in the ones he posted, he was not dancing properly like he used to. So fans believe that because of the previous injury he had to undergo the surgery to take care of the situation.

But no matter what the reason was behind his surgery, all that matters is that he is okay now and he will be dancing in a few weeks as soon as his leg gets better.





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