What Happened To Sherry Shriner? Wikipedia Photo Obituary And Facebook

Who Is Sherry Shriner? Find Her Wikipedia Photos And More

Who Is Sherry Shriner? Find Her Wikipedia Photos And More

What happened to Sherry Shriner? The cultist is yet to be landed on the Wikipedia page. Her photo has been making headlines following the latest news of her death and connection to the crime. Let us learn everything we know about her.

Sherry was an alien-reptilian cult leader. It has been reported that her online reptile cult was connected to the death of Steven Mineo in 2017.

The mysterious death of Mineo was featured in the six-part docuseries The Devil You Know. However, the show doesn’t answer who is at fault.

Shriner was also convicted of third-degree murder in Mineo’s death in 2019. However, they claimed that the murder was unintentional.

What Happened To Sherry Shriner?

According to Sherry Shriner’s obituary, she died from a heart attack.

Her death was announced on January 28, 2021.

Shriner’s age was 56 years old when she died. She was born in the year 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Who Is Sherry Shriner? Wikipedia

Sherry Shriner is the founder of Alien Reptile Cult.

She is a self-proclaimed “Messenger of the Highest God.”

The VICE documentary Devil You Know is based upon Shrinner’s weird life. It premiered on youtube on March 29, 2021.

According to the docuseries, Steven Mineo was  Shriner’s devotee and had a close bond with her.

However, things went wrong when Mineo’s partner Barabara Rogers came into the picture.

The weird cultist has also been named as the epitome of evil,  according to an exclusive clip obtained by TheWrap.

Furthermore, she graduated from the Kent State University with a degree in Journalism, Political Science, and Criminal Justice.

Is She On Facebook?

Sherry Shriner started her own cultist group on Facebook.

She was keen on sharing her prophecies and weird beliefs on the platform. Following which gained a generous amount of devotees.

Moreover, she shared her ridicule through blogs, Youtube channels, self-published books, and Twitter.

According to her Facebook profile, she called herself a daughter, friend, servant, and warrior.

After her sudden death, her blogs and social media accounts were managed by her family members.

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