What Has Happened To Leigh Sales

What Has Happened To Leigh Sales – Where Is Leigh & Her Husband Now?

What Has Happened To Leigh Sales – Where Is Leigh & Her Husband Now?

What has happened to Leigh Sales? Where is she now? Read about her husband in this article.

Professionally, Leigh is a journalist and TV presenter. Currently, she hosts the ABC news program, 7.30.

Moreover, she is one of the members of the Order of Australia. Furthermore, she is the author of popular books, including Any Ordinary Day, On Doubt, Detainee 002, etc.

What Has Happened To Leigh Sales? Is She Leaving 7 30?

Leigh Sales hasn’t appeared on 7.30 for the past couple of days. As a result, speculations have emerged claiming she is leaving the news program, 7.30.

Moreover, she hasn’t revealed why she isn’t in the show. Her fans have come forward with queries on social media.

Well, Leigh used to be very active on Twitter (431.7 thousand followers). However, the journalist hasn’t tweeted since June 24.

Currently, there’s no official news confirming her departure from ABC. So, we aren’t sure if she is quitting her job.

Furthermore, some rumors believe she has taken a temporary leave. But, Leigh would have confirmed it rather than hiding it from the public.

Indeed, her followers are in a dilemma, and they wish to find the answer as soon as possible. So, hopefully, the reporter will send a message very soon.

Since July 2021, some other guests are hosting Leigh’s 7.30. Well, her followers are not enjoying it as they want their favorite presenter back.

Where is Leigh Sales Now? Health And Illness Update

Leigh Sales is located in Sydney, Australia, right now. The Australian journalist hails from Brisbane, Queensland.

According to a Twitter user, @ScallywagRay, she might be on an extended leave. During the lockdown, she was trolled for her criticism of Daniel Andrews.

Probably, she is facing a hard time from all the internet jokes about her. As a result, some Twitter users believe that she might be joining some other news channel.

Until now, Sales hasn’t provided us an update about her health. So, we are pretty sure she doesn’t have any physical illness. 

During the pandemic, many celebrities have faced mental breakdowns. Hence, Leigh might be facing some mental illness that we are unaware of.

Recently, she posted a picture of maple & bacon. So, we must say she is doing good and is thinking about her future. Thus, we can skip all the rumors regarding her health issues.

Journalist Leigh Husband: Is She Married?

Leigh Sales is not married anymore. She had already split with her former partner in December 2016.

Previously, she was married to Phil Willis in 1996. Reportedly, they divorced after two decades.

Moreover, the former couples have two children, James Christopher Willis and Daniel Oscar Willis. Most probably, their kids are in their twenties today.

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