What is August 27th On TikTok Mean? August 27 Meme Meaning Explained

What is August 27th On TikTok Mean? August 27 Meme Meaning Explained

What is August 27th On TikTok Mean? August 27 Meme Meaning Explained

If the date August 27 on Tiktok is spinning your mind like crazy, you should know about it. Here is the explanation of the newest trend on Tiktok – August 27. 

At the moment, Tiktok is something you can’t get over with. Sometimes you get happy with the tiktok trends, sometimes you get sad and hopeless but I bet most of the times you get confused like hell. 

I know! Just When you think Tiktok can’t be crazier than this, it surprises you. In the most suprising way possible. And the new trends are so bizzare and confusing, you won’t know where did it start and what does it actually mean? 

People love trends. And why not? In a way, the trends are so cool and fun, and on the other way, they are making you famous. And we have seen people getting famous overnight by a single trend on tiktok. 

However, all the trends on Tiktok have meaning or a significant resemblance of something. Even though it is done for fun, Tiktokers extract a certain meaning out of it. But there’s one that doesn’t follow that rule. 

And it is called August 27 trend. For the past few days, the August 27 has been all over the video networking site. And fans are going crazy as they can’t figure out its meaning. 



♬ original sound – mingismamatiddie

Here is the explanation of August 27 meme that is getting viral on Tiktok. 

What is August 27th On TikTok Mean? 

If you are a tiktok user, this meme has probably left you thinking for a long period of time. It is found in almost everyone’s page and not even those creators who are performing the trend seem to know about it. 

As a matter of fact, this meme has no meaning. It is just a hoax. It was started by a fairly popular tiktok user just for fun. The creator didn’t imagine it would gain this much popularity but it did. Good for her. 

August 27 Meme Meaning Explained

Honestly, there’s no explanation of this meme. But I can tell you how the meme is getting into people’s mind. What is August 27th on Tiktok all about? 

It was first mentioned in a video made by a tiktok user @stfusamantha. Her name is Samantha Renee. 


♬ Such a wh0re slowed – billie.is.my_wife

Basically, the video follows an intense background music and there are captions popping. The caption says “If this is on your FYP”, “Congratulations”, “You have been chosen” and “Remeber the date August 27th. It’s Important.” 

However, there are other modifications of the video. Some captions say “I know you have seen the signs. You have been chosen. August 27th. I can’t say much more. Come Back then.” 


##duet with @bunkerboytrump ##august27 ##827 ##1111 ##1011

♬ I am lost. – amicharlize

Hence, tiktok users are going crazy over such videos asking questions whether August 27th imply something to be happened on the date or what. However, the trend seems to be just for fun as it was followed by everyone without even understanding it. But again, there’s nothing there to understand.

How popular is this trend?

Burning and Booming. Since the past 2 days, the hashtag has already had more than 10 Million views. The original video has more than 4 million views and a million likes. And this trend seem to be followed by every other tiktoker. 

Even though the trend has no meaning, tiktokers are planning to do certain manifestation on August 27th. So as from this trend, the tiktokers will do something they so wanted to do for a long time on August 27th. 


August 27th EXPLAINED! ##fyp ##manifestation ##spirituality ##ChocolateRecipe ##LaughPause ##LegendaryChallenge

♬ original sound – arinox_

Hence, tiktokers chose August 27th as to complete their ultimate resolution. They will be doing something significant on the upcoming August 27th and then again next year. After all, the trend wasn’t about nothing, was it? 

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