What Is Blue Poop Challenge? Viral Gut Health Check Explained

Blue Poop Challenge: How To Check Your Gut Health?

Blue Poop Challenge: How To Check Your Gut Health?

Blue Poop Challenge is a brand new social media trend. Here is the new trend explained!

Social media trends have gone more and more bizarre every day. Amid such viral challenges, Blue Poop Challenge can actually be advantageous for the regulation of your gut health. 

While risky and explicit TikTok trends have found a lot of fame on the social media platform, something like Blue Poop Challenge will actually help in your gut health for a change. 

If you are confused about the challenge, here’s how to get beneath it. 

What is the Blue Poop Challenge?

Blue Poop Challenge is a social media trend that enables users to know about their gut microbiome. 

The challenge is officially brought by ZOE in collaboration with several researchers and professors. It was coined by the professor, Tim Spector. 

Unlike other social media challenges, Blue Poop Challenge is actually beneficial for your gut health. It involves eating two blue muffins and checking the color of your poop. 

Gone viral at the moment, the results of this challenge seem astounding as well. 

Blue Poop Challenge: Step by Step guide of the Viral Gut Health Check

Here’s everything you need to do to take part in the Blue Poop Challenge. 

  1. Bake blue-colored muffins at your home. 
  2. If you don’t know the exact recipe, you can find it on the ZOE website along with instructions as well. 
  3. Then, consume two of those muffins for breakfast. 
  4. Now, record the time and color of your poop every time you go to the bathroom. 
  5. Submit your results to the ZOE website and you can check your gut health. 

Blue Poop Challenge: Results and Reactions

The Blue Poop Challenge has received quite a lot of positive responses from the users. 

You can find results on ZOE ‘s official Twitter account as well. As many researchers and experts are invested in this challenge, this actually might be quite effective. 

Give it a try yourself to know. 

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