What Is Cinderella Challenge On TikTok? A Viral Tik Tok Trend 2020

What Is Cinderella Challenge On TikTok? A Viral Tik Tok Trend 2020
What Is Cinderella Challenge On TikTok? A Viral Tik Tok Trend 2020

Anyone who is active on social media TikTok could now days be wondering what is ‘Cinderalla Challenge’ on TikTok. Well, the over-the-top social media has never been shy of challenges and trends that tend to go viral in no time. One such TikTok challenge that has most of the users banging their head on is ‘Cinderalla Challenge. Have you heard of this?

To everyone’s knowledge, Cinderella is a fictional fairytale character who is pretty much desirable for any man. The TikTok challenge by the name Cinderella Challenge is simply a measure of beauty. Cinderella, the Disney characters could be looked up to as a divine beauty and many have tried out Cinderella costume or makeup for some time now. 

Now, such things have made its way to social media. And the first platforms to accept it has been nonother than TikTok. Find out what ‘Cinderella Challenge’ on TikTok really means.

What Is Cinderella Challenge On TikTok?

In simple words, Cinderella Challenge on TikTok could be, more or less, a beauty pageant where people try to depict the Disney character Cinderella. The challenge is inspired by the famous Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo song from the 1950 Disney movie titled Cinderella. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo is sung by Cinderella’s fairy godmother in the movie while she uses her magic to Cinderella’s drab clothes to turn them into new beautiful ones.

Several people on TikTok and other social media have imitated that music video from the 1950 Cinderella movie. Firstly, people are usually seen on casual and simple attires not so flashy or attractive. But as the music shifts to a hip hop track, the very person can be seen wearing tight and revealing dress and with makeup. For boys, they put on formal shirts.

Cinderella Challenge, A Viral TikTok Trend 2020

Well, there have been several viral TikTok trends in 2020, but nothing quite like Cinderalla Challenge has happened, so far. If you search for hashtag cinderella on TikTok, the hashtag has a lot of videos with collective views at 544.2 million and counting.


CINDERELLA & AURORA GOSSIPING 🤪💕Cenicienta y Aurora Hablando de Chicos😂 ##foryou ##princess ##aurora ##cinderella ##foryoupage

♬ STUPID (feat. Yung Baby Tate) – Ashnikko

After all, Cinderella is a very popular Disney character and one of the prettiest ever. We have been raised to adore and crave for adorable things. It is no surprise the character is popular, and mostly among females. It is normal for people to imitate the character and this is what gave rise to this popular TikTok trend, Cinderella Challenge.

While the trend has been so popular among youngsters, it could also be problematic. If one sees the challenge as an obsession over beauty and attractiveness, it can be very dangerous. 

Why is Cinderella Challenge Problematic?

Beauty is said to be a spiritual thing, but not something arbitrary that attracts the eyes. The Cinderella Challenge has somehow forced people to rejoice the arbitrary beauty of the human body, be it a male or a female. The curves and the color are what people find beautiful.

Cinderella Challenge has sown body slamming in many people, recently. 

Also, the trend has cost a Peruvian female police officer Jossmery Toledo her job. The gorgeous police officer shared an Instagram video in which she flaunts her amazing curves as she accepts the ‘Bibidi Babidi Boo Challenge’. In her music video, Toledo can be seen wearing her police uniform as the Disney son plays in the background. As the music shifts to Audi by Smokepurpp, the lady can be seen wearing a red bodycon dress.

She uploaded the video on her Instagram page with 863k followers and has amassed 2 million-plus views so far. Her Instagram bio now reads ‘ex-police.’

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