What Is Disney Princess Filter On TikTok? How To Get Disney Princess Filter Explained.

What Is Disney Princess Filter On TikTok? How To Get Disney Princess Filter Explained.

What Is Disney Princess Filter On TikTok? How To Get Disney Princess Filter Explained.

The Disney Princess Filter On TikTok has gone viral not just on TikTok but on all other social media platforms as well.

The Disney Princess filter went off the charts in popularity in 2020. You might have also noticed that the effect is similar to other filters like the ‘which Disney character are you?’ or the one which made people look like Disney characters, this one is similar but only offers princesses as opposed to the whole Disney roster.

What is Disney Princess Filter On TikTok?

The filter is one of the simplest effects on TikTok where the user will open the front camera via the TikTok app. After this, the app will make the user look like a Disney princess, more specifically, it will alter the way the eyes and make it look like a Disney princess’. There are variations within the filter that make it possible for the user to put on a crown of their choosing or get other additional tweaks according to their taste. 

As the name suggests there are effects particular to Disney characters too and the video creator can choose anyone from Cinderella to Elsa. 


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How Popular Is The Disney Princess Filter On TikTok? 

The #disneyprincessfilter has gotten more than 291k views on TikTok. Each video uploaded to the challenge has had thousands of views.

Similarly, millions of people have also viewed the challenge and filter on other social media like Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, the trend first started from these platforms and made its way into TikTok.  

As with other filters, people have also put their own twist on the effect, a huge wave of people used the filter on their pets, especially their dogs. For some reason, the filter doesn’t work well on cats but dogs look adorable.

Some people want to take it to the next level by dressing them up as the characters before they get the filter’s eyes.

Is it related to Which Disney Princess Are You Filter?

People might confuse “Disney Princess Filter” over another similar filter called Which Disney Princess Are You filter. But Which Disney Princess are you filter is completely different where people use the effect that will put a slot-like picture box on the user’s forehead. The box will change pictures rapidly until it stops on a random Disney princess. 


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If you would rather get the Which Disney character are you? filter, follow these instructions we got from Distractify, first open up Instagram, and search for @arnopartissimo click on the smiley face, this is located below the user’s story highlights. Then select the Disney character effect and film your video from the Instagram camera, then save the video to your roll and upload it to TikTok. 

How To Get Disney Princess Filter?

Everybody seems to be using the Disney princess filter on TikTok but many might not know how to get it, read below to find out. 

  1. One of the easiest ways to get the filter is by using Snapchat. All you need to do is to open up Snapchat, make sure you have the latest version of the app. 
  2. Open the camera from Snapchat and press on the screen until the filters appear. There navigate to the one with the big eyes. 
  3. This filter is known as the ‘cartoon eye’ filter. Use this to get the desired eyes and you can add other crowns also via the app. 
  4. Save the video to your camera roll and upload it via TikTok. 

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