What Is Dissolving Fish On TikTok Mean?

Fish Dissolve TikTok Trend Explained: What Does Dissolving Fish On TikTok Mean?

Fish Dissolve TikTok Trend Explained: What Does Dissolving Fish On TikTok Mean?

Fish Dissolve, Fish be Like, this fish, that fish, and so on. TikTok is now filled with fish contents and we are loving it. Seriously now, who would have thought that we would be empathizing and admiring about fishes on our social media posts.

TikTok has changed the meaning of social media and we are getting familiar with many interesting and viral contents daily. There is a new interesting trend popping out on the For You page of TikTok almost every day. These days, we are seeing lots of fish content on TikTok and here we are going to explain about the fish dissolve TikTok trend.

What is the Fish Dissolve TikTok trend?

Fish dissolve TikTok is basically a trend where you post video content on fishes where the background sound is the song by Absofacto called “Dissolve”. The Dissolve song by Absofacto was in trend a few months earlier also when people used to make videos in front of their bathroom mirror and they used to do a trick to make the videos seem like they are falling down. But this song can be used in many more videos. 

Fish swimming on the water makes for a perfect video for this Dissolve audio clip.


##clownfish ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fish ##exotic ##trend ##famous ##pets ##saltwater ##HeyGoogleHelp

♬ Dissolve – Absofacto

There was this video on TikTok in the same dissolve song, in which the fish is actually dissolving. The creator mentioned that the fish was spat out from the Bassfish’s belly and we got to see how a fish membrane dissolves insides the stomach of the bigger fish.


This ##fish was dissolving slowly in the stomach of a ##bassfish ##floridafishing ##fwc ##volunteering ##wildlife ##freshwaterfish ##fishing ##research

♬ Dissolve – Absofacto

Is it related to “Fish Be Like” Tiktok Trend?

There is another fish trend called “Fish be like” on TikTok in which the users act like they are two dumb fishes and keep on eating the baits even after they see one of them gone. This is also one of the unusual trends in TikTok that went viral somehow. But it’s pretty hilarious so we can understand its popularity.

There are two elements in all fish be like videos on TikTok. One is the hooked part on a hanger and another is some gummies that look like worms. The gummy worms on the hook of hanger look exactly like fish bait. however, not all of them use gummies in their videos, some use strawberry and other food items while some do not put any baits. And of course, there are at least two people to act like fishes. 

Although this “Fish be like” trend is also related to fishes, it does not actually involve fishes, do they? So I guess Fish dissolve and Fish be Like are related but totally different at the same time.

TikTok wants more fish content

There is a reason fish contents are gaining so much popularity on TikTok. There are more than 108.8million views on #fishbelike videos on TikTok. Likewise in #fish there are 7.6 Billion views. In some videos, you just act like fishes with no need to have camera skills or any tricks or edits, just do chomp-chomp like a fish in front of the camera while in some videos you dress up as a big funny fish.

On the other hand, in some videos, people show off their unique collection of pet fishes on their aquarium. Similarly, some people show different tricks to do fishing in the lakes and ponds. Some videos are captured showing rare fishes and their abilities.


WHAT THE HECK… Tag a friend and don’t say anything 🤫🤣 ##fish ##fishing ##fishcontent ##bigair ##xyzbca ##crazy ##ryanizfishing

♬ Lalala – Y2K & bbno$

With the fish contents on TikTok, we forget about other talent videos and just surf through the cute or funny videos of fishes. Let’s just say, fish contents are ‘swimming’ into our TikTok FYP. And we definitely want more fish content on TikTok and I am pretty sure that more viral fish-related trends will come around on TikTok in later days.

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