What Is Escape The Murder House TikTok Puzzle Challenge?

What Is Escape The Murder House TikTok Puzzle Challenge?

What Is Escape The Murder House TikTok Puzzle Challenge?

The newest challenge on TikTok called ‘Escape The Murder House TikTok’ Puzzle Challenge is a new brain teaser that might look pretty simple at first but can be really perplexing for some.

TikTok is such an interesting and fun app that every day there is a new challenge going on. They are plenty of different challenges on TikTok, some are dance challenges, some couple challenges, some exercise challenges, and basically of all sorts.

Lately, the latest challenge that is starting to become viral on TikTok is “Escape the Murder House TikTok Puzzle Challenge”. Yeah, I know, the name is too long, right?

If you are one of those people who want to keep up with the trends but cannot bring yourself to invest much time and energy that might be needed to make dancing videos or any other makeup or exercise videos, then this challenge is the one for you. Because for this puzzle challenge you just have to show your skill and brainpower nothing else.

Here is everything you need to know about this latest and viral Escape the murder TikTok challenge.

What Is the Escape The Murder House TikTok Puzzle Challenge?

Escape the Murder House TikTok puzzle challenge is a simple challenge where anyone can take part in. All you need to do this challenge is a pen and a paper.

It is a brainteaser that tests your ability to plan.

The challenge is for you to solve a puzzle. It just consists of a large square consisting of 16 grids. All these grids are supposedly rooms of the house. The grid on the bottom right corner is where you are and the escape gate from the box (murder house) is on the top left corner grid. All the remaining rooms are filled with a killer each.

Now all you have to do is to enter each grid from where you are (bottom right room) and escape the house after entering each and every room to kill all the killers.

The one important rule of this challenge is that you cannot go back to the room (grid) where you already entered because that room has become a crime scene now. Did you get it? Watch this video below and you will clearly understand exactly what I mean.


##murderhousechallenge ##duet ##playagamewithyaicha ##mysteryfunn

♬ original sound – yaicha93

Many people usually left out one of the grids while reaching the escape grid. 


##Duett mit @yaicha93 no-one said I mustn’t change the rules 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 ##funny ##joke ##murderhousechallenge

♬ original sound – yaicha93

As I said, it seems pretty simple but can be perplexing for some. But no matter what, it is a fun challenge.

Who is the creator of this challenge?

The original sound of this video is by the TikTok user “Yaicha93”. She has also tried this challenge in her original video which was posted on 1st August 2020.

In her video, she films herself taking a piece of paper and pencil and explains the rules to the viewers. She tries to show how to solve the puzzle but lefts out at least one room while following the rules and at the end of the video, she challenges others to solve it. This original video has over 1.2 million views already.

Many people are doing a duet on this video of hers and some are even able to solve the puzzle without leaving any room unentered. Hence, this puzzle challenge is now viral on TikTok.

How to do Escape The Murder House TikTok Puzzle challenge?

Now that you know what this TikTok challenge is, you might want to give this a try and keep up with the trend. There is no harm in testing your own ability to solve a puzzle. Plus, if you could not solve it, you can always give several retries. So just take a piece of paper and a pen and try this challenge out.

All you have to do is draw a square house with 16 grids. Fill all the grids with a killer and start from one corner to reach the opposite corner while entering all the rooms and defeating every killer. Don’t forget to film it and share it on Tiktok with a hashtag #murderhousechallenge just like other successful TikTok users like the one below. Warning: It’s a spoiler.


##duet with @l_a_bevan ##murderhousechallenge solved! ✅ Had a little help of course!

♬ original sound – yaicha93

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