What Is His Name Is Alex TikTok Trend? #hisnameisalex Hastag Explained

What Is His Name Is Alex TikTok Trend? #hisnameisalex Hastag Explained

What Is His Name Is Alex TikTok Trend? #hisnameisalex Hastag Explained

His Name Is Alex (TikTok) is an online trend that is a testament to how the internet can be used to do good. This time the online community is uniting to help a transgender boy named Alex and ‘save’ him from his mother.

Cancel culture and online bullying have shown us that the internet is a really powerful tool that can change people’s lives overnight. Similarly, His name is Alex is the internet coming together to support a boy who is being bullied by his own mother. 

TikTok is a place where a diverse range of people can voice their opinions but hateful and offensive comments are not welcome on the platform as the retaliation to the above-mentioned incident is evidence to. 

What Is His Name Is Alex TikTok Trend?

The new TikTok trend was started to support Alex, a cosplayer and TikToker. Alex is transgender and his birth name is ‘Danika‘. His mother is not supportive of his decision to undergo gender change therapy and become a boy. 


Let this be my one video to blow up please- do anything you can ##alexsnamematters ##hisnameisalex ##fyp ##viral ##transrightsarehumanrights ##transrights

♬ original sound – broccoli.boii.cos

As she clearly expresses her hate for the gender change in the video and misgenders him multiple times while he is seen being submissive and sad. His mother proceeds to shout about how she gave him the name and now he has changed it.

While on the surface this might just seem like a dispute about a name, it is the fact that Alex is transgender that bothers his mother so much. 

In the video, his mother threatens to remove anyone that doesn’t call him by his birth name (Danika) from his life.

The woman in the video is incredibly aggressive and her tone is also clearly hateful towards her son. There is also an element of trying to control his life and threatening people in his life that call him Alex. 

His mother has since removed the video from her account but it was already shared around by creators who re now dueting with the original video to support the kid. 

Viewers Responded Quickly With Outrage

This video caused outrage and people were shocked by the way in which the lady treated her young son. Sghe also called him by his ‘dead name’ that is why the trend is named his name is Alex. According to reports, Alex is just a teenager. 

Creators and viewers watching called Child Protective Services ash they felt that Alex was being emotionally abused and psychologically traumatized at home. 

Some of the people who watched the video were also quick to point out that his mother was obviously transphobic which was a huge concern for his mental health. 

Another way in which they are supporting him are making videos with the hashtag “hisnameisalex” and dueting with the original video of his aggressive mom, and pointing out what was wrong with it. 


SHARE/OTHER/CANCEL to let others sign the petition!!! (⚠️Link in my bio⚠️) ##fyp ##hisnameisalex ##support ##petition ##yashiro ##tbhk

♬ Pinkies song without the slur – pastelkandy

How Has The TikTok Community Supported Him?

TikTokers from all around the world have stood with Alex and his rights as an LGBTQ teen. He has gotten widespread support from not only the LGBTQ+ community but from all parts of the world. 

The videos also feature a petition that has been started to launch a formal legal instigation into his mom and punish her for the way she treater her son in an online post and at home.

How To Do The Challenge To Help Alex 

If you want to help Alex, then all you need to do is find the original track being used with the trend and use it in a video where you place the petition and show your support for the teenaged TikToker and cosplayer. Here is an example 



♬ original sound – broccoli.boii.cos

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